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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuan PM, Ini SSS - Antara Mahu Dengan Tidak

Once upon a time, the Malays are like six equal-sided triangles making up into a perfect hexagon, where each triangle shares two of its sides with two neighbouring triangles. All measurements perfectly balanced. All mindful that to unilaterally alter one's own boundry will alter its neighbor's boundry and will invariably remove this balance. Then the whole hexagon is thrown out of its symmetry and balance. Finally strength will dissipate into the thin air.

PR under its dewa-kayangan-leader has successfully done this. All in the name of freedom of choice and democrecy, furtively masking his real intent: revenge at all cost: "if I can't get my paw on the handla of this country, I'll make sure nobody can".

The most unfortunate victim is PAS. It is made to believe that it is blue-blooded and born in indera kayangan; while the other Malays (especially UMNO Malays) are just ordinary red-blooded expandable creatures.

PAS has made it impossible for their blue-blooded brothers to even sit around the same table with its red-blooded sibling. PAS has proven to the world that blood is not thicker than water after all.

Their guiding patriarch teaches them that all Muslims are brothers. But under the table this sage warns, "Do what I do. Never do what I teach".

The immediate result is the dim-wits of this fraternity rejoiced, and keep rejoicing while singing out themselves hoarse, "Let's Get Loud"; blissfully unaware that they are out of tune right from the start. They are loud indeed.

Blue or red-blooded, like it or not, each share common borders with each other. What affects one affects the other.

Thus cohesiveness is the essence of this alliance. And whether it is in the questions of PAS Malays and UMNO Malays, or in the bigger questions of Malaysians in general, the desired steps to be taken is to build trust in all relationships. And language, a National Language, is the first and most "user-friendly" raw material and the foremost component of this relationship. If one wolf-cub insists to keep to itself, and to stay on perpetual-guard on its "aloneness" whilst insisting on its presence felt in a general togetherness, one cannot help but to eye this particular "lone rogue wolf" with apprehension and distrust.

Trust has to be earned. Trust has to be nurtured through togetherness and sharing. The best time for this is while the minds are still young and the spirits are fresh. The most conducive environment where trust is built and earned is while Malaysians are in their young, formative or schooling age. Separate environment as existing now through SK and SJK will only breed sagrigation and alienisation which in turn it encourages distrust and apprehensiveness.

Surely Malaysian leaders are aware of this. Surely they know the aspiration of this one and only nation that one and every Malaysians are duty-bound to contribute to. Surely a 1-education-system is the most apt mission for this blessed 1-Malaysia. Surely we are eagerly awaiting for our well-guided leaders to stear our nation on to this even-keel.

The English say "the bears lick their cubs into shape". The Malays say "melentur aur biar dari rebungnya". But can a multi-national-multi-language-multi-everything Malaysia with two or more different and mismatched education systems licks its young into shape? Each will be licking its own young into its own shapes.

May be Dong Zhong will get what it struggles for. A state within a state.

No. The system-setinggan of Dong Zhong, or the "system-sekolah-haram" must be "licked into the national education systen" right from now; which is already on hold for half a century.

If our PM is as strong and well received as they say, surely this is not too impossible a mission for him.