Satu Bahasa Satu Bangsa Satu Negara

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Of late the words and actions of the Present Haters of the existing set of servants of this country only serve to increase their confusions and ignorance. They belie the signs of progress and prosperity and deny any and all goodness out of hate, spite and murderous desire to hurt, annoy and offend.

They hate the truth simply because it does not agree with their inclinations. If these selfish and ignorant creatures were to plan the workings of this country according to their desires, it would be a dreadful world, full of confusion and corruption.

They know that the BN government is doing what is right and is delivering the goods. They know that they cannot do better. In desperation, in their mad rush to grab power, they pick while the picking is good to the extent of even denying the public its most basic necessities.

They have gone astray from the right path of leadership. Their obstinate persistence in wandering and deviation is permanent. Some of them are being punished in this present life, yet it does not open their eyes.

Have you PH Muslims considered the fire which your hands help DAP’s lustful hands kindle?
The creation of fire by a loving hand serves many needs of man. But has the DAP any loving hands (especially for the muslims) or for anybody except for themselves?

The Muslims in PH, surely understands the purport of your collusion with DAP, especially its nature and their symbolical meanings in the spiritual world. You will never know, and shall destroy us all, unless you turn to Allah, surrender to His will and carry out His plan.