Satu Bahasa Satu Bangsa Satu Negara

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It it not a surprise and should not be a cause of concern when the just-like-PKR over-excited or overzealous acts by some of the contestants taking part in the present party election. All should secretly bear in mind the interests of self and the road to Putera Jaya over everything else at all times as exemplified by brother Anwar. PKR provides ample opportunities for all these selfish reasons. Forget about the so-called services for the rakyat. Forget about Malaysia. Think of PKR as a platform for pursuing personal ambitions.... better still ... for DAP's Malaysian Malaysia.

Those who had a long heart-to-heart talk with Anwar have decided to join PKR or its related "struggles" for these ulterior reasons only. At the back of their minds, all of them are fully aware, after these long talk with him, of this kind of sincerity and conviction of Anwar in these matter. Those who have joined PKR now understand that the formation of the PKR was to "fight for the 'keadilan' of Anwar". It was an honourable struggle indeed.

Anwar's contribution to the sack and rape of the once tolerant Malaysian societal fabric is unquestionable. As the leader of PKR and the appointed opposition leader of PR he has performed effectively well to this ends. Those who had a glimpse of the true Anwar are beginning to question his unofficial position as the PKR president under the guise of an advisor, as was raised as an issue which was brought up in the current party election.

The seemingly vibrant democracy that exists within PKR is just a window dressing and party members are reminded to treasure this. PKR members should be proud of the fact that PKR is just another DAP. Its struggle is to establish family dynasties - his 'keadilan'.

PKR needs this brand of leadership. PKR members need not bother try to understand the true party history through the sight of Anwar's inner circle.