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Monday, March 21, 2011

The King Must Be Protected.

The true king of any civilizations is the yet to be born. This king of the Malay world writes a note to Nik Aziz and Anwar.

It reads:-

Salam Alaykum Nik Aziz, Anwar;

If you have not done what you have done, we might have chosen you.

You have prepared well to use any means necessary that you claim will protect and keep us safe, but in reality you are dismantling the Malay World in order to build your warped idea of the Malaysian World. If this is what you called being human, together with DAP setting out to wage war while claiming to create peace, then your king has no future. For this opens the way for DAP to insinuate the destructive concept of Malaysian Malaysia or Ketuanan Rakyat or Middle Malaysia. No. Every time PKR scream "Ketuanan Rakyat" he is DAP's organ in badmouthing the Malay World.

The trickery of DAP, the porny adventures of Soi Lek and the pathetic gullibility of Nik Aziz, hiding behind his ulamakness, will sooner than later cause the destruction of Bangsa Melayu. When PR initiate its steps to "unite" Malaysians through its Malaysian Malaysia or Ketuanan Rakyat, it was never planned based on discussion despite its claim to be so. It was / is based on its mentor minister's and warmongers' philosophy, "wage war to create peace". To be most effective, this war must be waged on Malay battleground. When padang jarak padang tekukur is created, its on Malay grounds and among Malay environment. They lose nothing and everything to gain. The aggressor then will "retreat" with a cup of Malay blood, to come back at a convenient future date. Distrust, ill will and resentment fades fairly quickly, especially when the losers are of the breed that readily forgive and forget.

PR has eyes overflowing with greed, hatred and black fire that lusts for revenge and blood - Bumiputera blood. PR is but a concoction of babbling vile man-god. It cannot be taken seriously. It surrounds itself with myths. And thus, to take anything away from " the breed that readily forgives and forgets" is just like taking away candy from a baby.

They will never protect the king. Never let the umbrella or even the nail clipper be ever in their hands. Before it's too late, Anwar and Nik Aziz, balik ke pangkal jalan. Controlling people requires the skill to manipulate the darkness in other's heart. That is the skill possessed by DAP, lurking behind their smiles and handshakes.