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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Next Mr PM?

A hadith - Bada al islam ghariban wa sa' ya'udu ghariban.
Islam began in a stage of a fugitive - and will return to a state of a fugitive.

Now is come of that age, in which Islam (not part-time Islam but the Islam of the era of Muhammad saw.) is in a stage of a fugitive in a globalised political order, in a globalised economical ragime, and in a globalised culture or way of life. It is made to look strange and out of place.

Islamic modernism is an attempt to subject Islam to a progressive reinterpretation so as to forcefully fit it in into the modern world; so that Islam is made to look like a round peg in a square hole; so that DAP can bring his own lard-coated satay to sit down and have breakfast with Islam; so that all will perceptually look right for the Vartican to name Allah its god; so that it is all right for Pakiam to read his Melayu Bible from the mimbar of the masjid during the khutbah Jumaat.

Di pentas dunia, a strange mazhab of American Islam is emerging; a strange mazhab called wahhabiah Islam emerging from Saudi Arabia. Locally, when Najib let loose the Malay bible into Singapore's hinterland, our very own Tanah Melayu, a strange version of Islam called Najibiah Islam will emerge. Najib not only has libralised everything that is Malay, he has also libralised Islam.

What next Mr PM?