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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Need For SSS. “MalaysianHeart”?

The Umno of BN, based on demographics and history, is seen as being dominant. The opposition coalition has none dominance. So it’s a mob kept in line by no head; or worse still, torn apart and convulsed by all heads when everybody wants to be the head, each vying to outdo the other.

The not-too-many Indians are led by far-too-many Indian leaders made worse by the emergence of hindraf, which though outlawed is let to run free causing further damages to the already torn and tattered Indians. So the Indians are by definition a mob too being headed by everybody … resulting in all leaders ending with no significant followers.

The Chinese are so misleading, different. Being broken up into different ideologies, does not stop them from being solidly united in all matters of their ethnic issues. Seen as energetically molding its own destiny, it is as if that God plays no part in their lives.

The Malays? Being all Muslims does not make them into one. They relish in being seen and acting painfully fractured. How do this species of Muslims look at its One and Only God? To them everything is made almost as entertaining as a reality show … nothing seems to be serious … seemingly all too keen to leave matters into Somebody’s hands.

Can these not-too-agreeable a mixture of mismatched raw materials be amalgamated into 1Malaysia? It seems that no choice is offered. If so, how and where to begin? We are already half a century too late.

Is the BN or PR the only way? What about the One-School-For-All as the supporting and complementing instruments? Will wealth and history fuse us all into one?

Most of us are hardly qualified to use wealth and history to influence others. But most of us are parents, would be parents or at least babies belonging to some parents sometimes past. We parents can influence the future of our children.

All Malaysian babies need to know and understand each other right from the start of their schooling age. All Malaysian parents agree to that; that Malaysian schooling children need go to 1School.

Schooling children do not need selfish parents like blogger Malaysian Heart, who talks about what he needs, never about what our children need. Malaysia’s future is about Malaysian Children. Blogger Malaysian Heart talks about power and who wields that power. He rants about Malaysia should be like Singapore and USA.

We parents hope with all our hearts that all Malaysian Hearts out there would talk and work about and for Malaysian children as Malaysian children with Malaysian image and identity; and Negara Malaysia should be like Negara Malaysia molded by Malaysians with roots deep in fertile Malaysian soils and branches high in proud Malaysian skies.

Malaysian pride and sense of patriotism rightfully dictates that its dear born children to place Malaysia first with regard to any other square inch of soil on the face of this blessed earth. That is not too much to ask for … by any measure of any motherland.


Jeffry said...


NJ said...

Tuan Hamba Dal,

Siapa pula "Malaysian Heart" ni Tuan Hamba?

Dari segi nama samaran, beliau adalah seseorang yang mempunyai Hati Malaysia? atau Hati berciri Malaysia?

Dari hidangan Tuan Hamba kali ini, nampaknya "Malaysian Heart" ini "has no need of SSS ?" yang merupakan suatu langkah yang berupaya untuk menyatu-padukan rakyat negara ini di bawah Rukun Negara & Perlembagaan. Atau mungkin "Malaysian Heart" masih seorang anak-anak tapi belum mempunyai anak?

Salam Sejahtera Tuan Hamba.



Anonymous said...

I think you have a loaded paragraph when you said,

"The Chinese are so misleading, different. Being broken up into different ideologies, does not stop them from being solidly united in all matters of their ethnic issues. Seen as energetically molding its own destiny, it is as if that God plays no part in their lives."

In fact, Professor C.P Fitzgerald, writing on the cultural history of China, said the Chinese practise three religions - Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism - all at the same time, without any sense of incompatibility, as a "triple insurance against any calamity".
This perhaps explain their nature, their character of always wanting more, more and more, in order to be safe in this and later life. Some, like Malaysian Heart, glorifies values of the United States, without thinking about the history of this country, of respecting the Constitution of this country, of asking only what this country can do for them, instead of what they can do for this country. You see, many of them out there genuinely believe in that this country is useful to them only if they can, and AFTER they get what they want from it.

What to you and me is loyalty, service or contribution to the country (even if by merely being a loyal citizen), to them it's all a business proposition. The problem is that when they don't get what they want, they don't go away, instead talk about equal rights as if they never heard about the Social Contract, as if nobody told them (probably in SJKs and in their community nobody ever did) that their citizenship was in exchange for the Special Malay Rights.

The Chinese actually had a turbulent history, full of wars, rebellions and treachery, clan warfare, secret societies and gangsterism, corruption started by the eunuchs and the consort families since over 2,000 years ago. These explain why so many of them offer bribes to get what they want and try to run down the system when they can't get the intangibles like equal rights. They simply can't get equal rights because leaders of the communites at Merdeka agreed on the Malay Special Rights. They can't talk about equal rights like the US because our history is different from the US. And they jolly well have to accept thye established Malayan history, not the wikepedia type which is subject to edit after edit by almost any Abu, Chong and Thamby.

All the above are put out as an attempt to understand them, though not necessarily to condone any unreasonable attitude they may manifest in the political and social affairs of this country.

Accepting, fully respecting and living by the Constitution of the country is the only reasonable thing to do for all who hold Malaysian citizenship, never mind the claim of having a "Malaysian heart".

Dal said...

Salam Tuan NJ;

Oh! Malaysian Heart? MH ni sekedar seorang pelancong sahaja, sejak 40 tahun dahulu.

Dia dilayan dengan baik oleh kerajaan Malaysia kerana hasil tukaran luar darinya mengayakan negara.

Dia ingin sangat hendak memiliki kerakyatan dua negara, tetapi dia enggan memenuhi syarat negara kita. Sampai sekarang tak dapat.

Sudah 40 tahun menjadi pelancong tetap, dia menganggap dirinya penduduk haram yang bersetinggan.

Dia mula mencampuri hal dalaman dan luaran negara. Yang terakhir dia mengepalai pergerakan bawah tanah mensabotaj usaha kerajaan menyatupadukan rakyat Malaysia.

Kawan dia ada di hutan Serawak, memperjuangkan "hak suku Penan" konon, tetapi hakikatnya mereka ini bertujuan menggagalkan rancangan pembangunan negara-negara dunia ketiga.

Dia menggunakan samaran Malaysian Heart semata-mata sebagai "smoke screen" kerana didapatinya majority rakyat Malaysia adalah perokok tegar. Heh heh heh.

Saya ketawa kerana MH ini adalah anak ular sawa yang dibela di rumah, bila membesar jadi anaconda. Bela hindraf lagi selamat.

Dal said...

Salam Tuan/Puan Anon of Sat Jul 04, 01:38:00 PM 2009

Thanks for the most helpful writeup.

Once not too long ago one non-Malay whose father is a well known Malaysian lawyer wrote something about the Malays. He chopped up the Malays (according to his sizes and measures) into what he termed as the (his)Lower, Middle, Upper and Elite Class ... throwing the whole, actual and pertinent Malay Social "strata" into verbal upheavals all to the glee of the non-Malays.

Brothers MC and KM was so "unpleased" by the writing.

Mine is only a paragraph. It could hardly be the cause of any ripples on the calm waters this small pool of water called Malaysia.

But "Malaysian Heart" ...?

NJ said...

Oh! begitu rupanya... Tuan Hamba.

Mula cerita tadi, saya sangkakan seorang pelancong yang jatuh cinta dengan Malaysia.

Bila habis baca, terserlah pula anak sawa yang akan membesar jadi anaconda.

OOooo.. kiranya dari jenis lidah yang bercabang juga la ye?

Salam Sejahtera Tuan Hamba,



Alizul said...

To realise SSS, we need a formidable political will from a strong leader. Do we see that in our present leader? This is not to put him down; after all, he has only just begun. We can only hope and pray...

Anonymous said...


You raised a very pertinent point -political will.

You also pointed out the stark reality - our leader has only just begun.

But let's help him become strong. Let's write to him in his 1 Malaysia blog. Only the other day he repeated his welcome for the rakyat's comments - sane, rational comments. Let's encourage and inspire him.

Let's tell him that many of us want the SSS - in fact, the majority, as the Demi Negara Community has implied when they call for a national referendum. Let's write as often as we can. So that he feels empowered to formulate policies designed for the benefit of the majority, not entertaining too much the relatively small percentage of PRU 12 run-aways. Let's also write anywhere else that we can. So that others would also join us in reminding him that the interests of the vast majority of the population must always be priority.

You see, the Malaysia To Day crowd have quite a few prolific writers, tidak segan-segan, tidak malu-malu writers, who would unhesitatingly take up such welcome by the PM. I can only imagine thousands of them and their likes have done so. Many belong to the culture of constantly demanding, protesting, and agitating.

The Malays don't have that culture. Always tunduk, respectful, speak when spoken to, and TDM has suggested changes since his Malay Dilemma book days. So, let's change as far as that goes. Let's speak up and ask. No need to demand, protest and agitate because he has welcomed us to speak up. Just speak up and I think he'll do what he can. And we hope and pray that, given some more time, he, thru Ed Minister TSM, can and would adopt the SSS proposal.

The issue is so big, the problem is so multifarious that they cannot, and must not, allow racial polarisation to continue unabated and possible national disintegration taking place.