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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Supermacy Of The Blind Guides And SSS

There is a remote possibility that the multi-stream education environment may not be resolvable through amicable dialogue. This is chillingly disturbing. Referendum? What else.

Then the Malaysian Bar writes that referendum is not equal to democracy. The wise shutting the door against SSS? Against the people? What option is left open for the ordinary citizens to contribute to their country's peace and meaningful developement?

The leaders wait for the citizen. The citizen is denied their freedom of choice. The decision makers hesitate and procrastinate. A bunch of lawyers insist that democracy in not democracy. Privatise then. Democracy does'nt work.

Most confusing. So questions are asked. Whom are these people working for? Are they deliberately inviting anarchy?

More than enough is said about the SSS, for or against, by the high and the low. The dialogue had been raging for half a century. Action had been too slow in comming. Insensibility is overtaking sound judgement.

May be there had been too many back seat drivers and blind guides.