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Friday, November 20, 2009

That Which Come Unnoticed?

A selection of alien way of life of the Malaysian anti-nationals are actively undermining the national efforts towards meaningful intergration ..

The clan's children should be served with a softer variety of syllabuses and curriculum specially tailoured for their vernavular schools. All efforts to absorb this into the national education highway should be vigerously opposed.

National unity and nation building should only be suited to the clan's perspective. Keep their options open at whatever cost, even if it means ultimate segregation. They suscribe to all else only when it serves their purpose.

Appearrance as moulded by the clan's preconceptions should be the base of their onslaught to fit tinted spactrums into the workings of the minds of the other side's youngs through the decimation of disinformation such as, "Chin Peng fought for all races. Chin Peng is a nationalist.". They also strive to, "Outside their school walls we educate these youngs based on their carnal wants and base pleasures, enjoyments and entertainments. Ours should be firmly insulated against theirs."