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Monday, January 12, 2009

An Open Prison

We feel people should know this. Events with an Israeli-slant are detailed greatly and thoroughly covered – more infect - by the controlled main stream media. Therefore, we attempt to fill in the many intentionally left out items – most of them about incidents in the Palestinian territories – that are rarely available.

For more thorough daily coverage of the region, we provide these links.

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip live in an odd and oppressive limbo. They have no nation, no citizenship, and no ultimate power over their own lives.
Since 1967, when Israel conquered these areas (the final 22 percent of mandatory Palestine), Palestinians have been living under Israeli military occupation. While in some parts Israel has allowed a Palestinian “autonomous” entity to take on such municipal functions as education, health care, infrastructure and policing, Israel retains overall power.

According to international law, an occupying force is responsible for the protection of the civilian population living under its control. Israel, however, ignores this requirement, routinely committing violations of the Geneva Conventions, a set of principles instituted after World War II to ensure that civilians would “never again” suffer as they had under Nazi occupation. Israel is one of the leading violators of these conventions today.

Israeli forces regularly confiscate private land; imprison individuals without process – including children – and physically abuse them under incarceration; demolish family homes; bulldoze orchards and crops; place entire towns under curfew; destroy shops and businesses; shoot, maim, and kill civilians – and Palestinians are without power to stop any of it.

When a child is arrested, for example – often by a group of armed soldiers in the middle of the night – parents can do nothing. Knowing that their son is most likely being beaten by soldiers on the way to the station, stripped and humiliated in prison, quite likely physically abused in multiple additional ways, and destined to be held – perhaps in isolation – for days, week, or months (all before a trial has even taken place), parents are without the ability to protect their child. Quite often, in fact, they cannot even visit him.

Finally, when the military trial under which their son is to be sentenced – often to years (sometimes decades) in prison – all they can do is hire a lawyer whose efforts, at best, will reduce the ultimate sentence by a few months. Rarely, if ever, can even the most skilled lawyer do more than afford the child a friendly face in court and be an outside witness to the injustice of the proceedings. Meanwhile, the presence of such a lawyer provides Israel cover for its “judicial system.”
Perhaps most significant – and rarely understood by people in the outside world – is the fact that Palestinians live, basically, in a prison in which Israel holds the keys.

They cannot leave Gaza or the West Bank unless Israeli guards allow them to. If they have been allowed out, they cannot return to their homes and families unless Israeli guards permit it.

Frequently, in both cases, Israel refuses such permission.
Academics invited to attend conferences abroad, high school students given US State Department scholarships to study in the United States, mothers wishing to visit daughters abroad, American citizens returning to their families, humanitarians bringing wheelchairs – the list goes on almost without limit – have all been denied permission by Israel to leave or enter their own land.
The “Intifada”

Living under such hardship and humiliation, in the year 2000 the Palestinian population began an uprising against Israeli rule called the “Intifada.” This term – rarely translated in the American media – is simply the Arabic word for uprising or rebellion – literally, it means “shaking off.” The American Revolutionary War, for example, would be called the American intifada against Britain.

This is the second such uprising. The first began in 1986 and ended in 1993 when the peace negotiations offered hopes of justice. (Sadly, in the following years these hopes were crushed after Israel, rather than withdrawing from the West Bank and Gaza, as promised, actually doubled its expansion in these areas.)

During this first uprising, which consisted largely of Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli troops (very few Palestinians had weapons), Palestinians were killed at a rate approximately 7-10 times that of Israelis.

One of the ways Israeli forces attempted to put down this rebellion was through the “break the bones” policy, implemented by Yitzhak Rabin, in which people who had been throwing stones – often youths – were held down and their arms broken. On the first day of this policy alone, one hospital in Gaza treated 200 People for fractures.1
Today’s uprising – termed the “Second Intifada” – was sparked when an Israeli general, Ariel Sharon, known for his slaughter of Palestinian civilians throughout his career, visited a Jerusalem holy site, accompanied by over a thousand armed Israeli soldiers. When some Palestinian youths threw stones, Israeli soldiers responded with live gunfire, killing 5 the first day, and 10 the second.

This uprising has now continued for over five years, as Israel periodically mounts massive invasions into Palestinian communities, using tanks, helicopter gunships, and F-16 fighter jets. Palestinian fighters resisting these forces possess rifles and homemade mortars and rockets. A minute fraction strap explosives onto their own bodies and attempt to deliver their bombs in person; often they kill only themselves.

While the large majority of Palestinians oppose suicide bombings, many feel that armed resistance has become necessary – much as Americans supported war after the attack at Pearl Harbor. Nevertheless, only a small portion take an active part in the resistance, despite the fact that virtually all support its aim: to create a nation free from foreign oppression.

Most Palestinians attempt – with greater or lesser success – to go on with their lives, raise their children, attend school, go to work, celebrate festivals, organize weddings, raise their crops, provide for their families – all the things that preoccupy people around the world.

As Israel constructs a wall around them, however, prevents them at checkpoints from traveling from town to town, destroys their crops, prevents children from traveling to schools and the sick and injured from getting to the hospitals, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live even an approximation of a normal life.
Most Palestinians feel that the Israeli government’s intention is to drive them off the land, and there is a great deal of evidence that this is the goal of many Israeli leaders.

At the same time, however, there is a small but determined minority of Israelis, joined by citizens from throughout the world, who are coming to the Palestinian Territories to oppose Israeli occupation. These “internationals,” as they are often called, take part in peaceful marches, attempt to help Palestinian farmers harvest their crops despite Israeli military closures, live in refugee camps in the hope that their presence will prevent Israeli invasions and shelling, and walk children to school.

They are sometimes beaten, shot, and killed.
Some Israeli soldiers are refusing to serve in the West Bank or Gaza, stating: “We shall not continue to fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people.”
Meanwhile, the semblance of Palestinian autonomy continues. Elections held in January, 2005, resulted in new Palestinian leadership that will govern under occupation and will attempt to negotiate eventual Palestinian liberation. Yet even this election demonstrated Israel’s power, as various Palestinian candidates were arrested, detained, and sometimes beaten by Israeli forces. This aspect, however, like so much else, was rarely reported by the American media.

End Notes

1.“Under orders from Defence Minister Yitzhak Rabin, ‘Soldiers armed with cudgels beat up those they could lay their hands on regardless of whether they were demonstrators, or not, breaking into homes by day and night, dragging men and women, young and old, from their beds to beat them. At Gaza’s Shifa Hospital 200 people were treated during the first five days of the new policy, most of them suffering from broken elbows and knees. Three had fractured skulls.’” (PALESTINE AND ISRAEL: THE UPRISING AND BEYOND, David McDowall, University of California Press, 1989, p. 7.)



Nine 369 said...

I hope this one is not out of topic Dal.


Palestinians don't have the right to defend themselves, they've the right to die silently!

Posted on March 1, 2008

Dear member,
As the Palestinian people in Gaza are being murdered and starved on daily basis, the Western people and their governments continue to cover-up Israeli war crimes. In the West, the creation of the "Jewish state" by usurping Palestinian rights is their way of telling Jews around the world:

We are sorry for practicing anti-Semitism against you for centuries, and to compensate for the many Holocausts we have committed against you, we shall unquestionably support the creation of the "Jewish state". And if that happens on the expense of the Palestinian people, let it be.

It should be noted that the Palestinian people still own 94% of Palestine, and since 1948 the most basic of their political and economical rights have been suppressed. The right to defend anybody's home is one of the most basic of human rights, however, when a Palestinian defends his home, he becomes a "terrorist" automatically and any Israeli retaliation is justified. In the Western media, a Palestinian has one and only one right: to die silently.

Here in the United States, American children are taught early on that it was necessary to drop nuclear weapons on Japanese civilians in order to save American lives and end WWII. Similarly, many Americans see such an action appropriate because they were attacked in Pearl Harbor. On the other hand, a Palestinian has no right to defend his home which has been looted by persecuted European Jews; and if he does, then he is the terrorist!

In that respect, I like to remind Israelis and Westerners of what Moshe Dayan stated at the funeral of an Israeli farmer killed by a Palestinian in 1956:

". . . Let us not today fling accusation at the murderers. What cause have we to complain about their fierce hatred to us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived.

We should demand his blood not from the [Palestinian] Arabs of Gaza but from ourselves. . . . Let us make our reckoning today. We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of [Palestinian] Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood." (Iron Wall, p. 101)

The Palestinian people have a simple message to the Western people who have protected and justified Israeli war crimes for decades:

We do not wish to be crossed for what you have sinned against your Jewish citizens; we do not wish to be your Messiah. We do not ask for your sympathy nor your money; we ask for the most basics of human rights. Replacing your crimes (which you have committed against your Jewish citizens) with other crimes will bring you neither peace nor prosperity. Make no mistake about it: you are complicit in this crime and history will not forgive.

Our DATE is 59 years LATE, we shall return.


Abu al-Sous (Salah Mansour)
Chicago - USA

Kembara Politik said...

Tuan Dal,

An Open Prison. Yeah, very true and the biggest ever on earth!’s-suffering-mr-obama/

Dal said...

Tuan Kembara Politik, thanks for the URL. Its a great addition.

We are collecting as many literature as possible on related topics for general reading and exposure of Jewish design and deceit.

We might not be as far and wide reaching as their dailys and periodicals, but we believe that all things start from somewhere.

Thanks again for your contribution. Much appreciated. I see you yourself are doing great. Wish I have your IT savvy.

Naqs said...

Jewish Supremacism Rules America.
The Likudnik dominated Bush regime and the American Knesset cheer on their Jewish masters’ war crimes in Palestine.

By Bob Finch

The Israeli military’s disproportionate, merciless, and savage, attacks on the democratically elected Hamas government have displayed the utter contempt that the Jews-only state in Palestine has for Palestinian civilians in Gaza just as its attacks on Hezbollah in 2006 showed its contempt for Lebanese civilians. The use of jet fighters to attack civilian targets, the Jewish military’s use of white phosphorus in Palestinian residential areas, its attacks on ambulances and united nations’ buildings, Jewish soldiers standing by while Palestinian babies starve to death, etc, etc, clearly demonstrates to people around the world that Zionists regard Palestinians as sub-human. The Israeli massacres in Gaza are a blatant display of Jewish racism which they’ve tried to hide for most of the last sixty years or so during their everyday, piecemeal, ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

American politicians recently passed two resolutions giving wholehearted support to the Israeli massacres of innocent Palestinian civilians. "Earlier this afternoon, the United States House of Representatives voted 390-5 in favor of H. RES. 34, voicing their support for the Israeli military effort in the Gaza Strip. The bill, co-sponsored by 11 representatives, demanded that Hamas end its rocket fire against Israel and renounce violence, while expressing "vigorous support and unwavering commitment" to Israel and declaring that its two weeks of attacks on the Gaza Strip were rightful acts of self-defense. The vote echoed a similar vote in the Senate yesterday, which "allows for the long-term improvement of daily living conditions of the ordinary people of Gaza" while likewise proclaiming attacks against them self-defense." (Jason Ditz 'House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill Cheering Israeli War on Gaza' January 9, 2009).

That American politicians not merely endorsed, but lavished praise, on such a slaughter, which is just the latest manifestation of the Zionists’ six decades long campaign of ethnically cleansing Palestinians, shows they are perfectly comfortable with Jewish supremacism. American political leaders who support the Israeli massive bank robbery of Palestinian assets have completely lost all sense of morality and justice. A state that was founded solely through the exercise of terror, and that has been sustained for six decades by the extravagant use of state terrorism, has not the slightest basis in morality for denouncing those who, having suffered at the hands of such terrorism, use similar tactics with which to fight back. If the Jews-only state is morally and politically bankrupt then so are American (and Western) politicians who give overwhelming support to such a degenerate state.

So far there have been two good analyses of Congress’s support for the massacres in Gaza. However, neither Glenn Greenwald nor Adam Horowitz. mention that these congressional resolutions underline the current balance of power between America and the Jewish colonial state in Palestine. When one country gives its wholehearted support to another country whatever it might do, then the former is obviously servile to the latter: no matter that it possesses the world’s most powerful military.

The votes in Congress show beyond doubt that America is run by a Jewish elite. This elite funds the country’s Jewish lobby which then bribes (and, if necessary, blackmails) American politicians to mouth militant Jewish racist propaganda. American politicians are like Dogs in crufts ‘Dog of the year’ competitions who are led around the arena by their Jewish handlers who have lavishly groomed their four legged pets for the big occasion. The Dogs show their appreciation for their masters by merrily wagging their tails. Sit, beg, roll over, play dead. American politicians will do anything and say anything for a few bite sized chews from their Zionist masters.

These Jewish owned politicians could never get away with their blatant subservience to Jewish racism if they weren’t also pressured into such a state of humiliation by Zionist propaganda being pumped out on a daily basis by America’s Zionist dominated media. In turn, the Zionist flag wavers in Congress and the Zionist dominated media would have much more trouble glorifying Jewish supremacism if it wasn’t for the complicity of America’s Zionist dominated universities. America’s protectors of the Truth have become propagandists for Jewish racist lies and fabrications. And, in turn, America’s politicians, its universities, and its media, would all find it difficult to wallow in Jewish racism if the country’s supposedly radical political opposition wasn’t also equally dominated by Jewish funders and Zionist crackpots whether this is the neo-lefties, the neo-greenies, the neo-antiwar/peaceniks, or the neo-libertarians, etc. Virtually every sector of American politics is funded, managed, or manned, by Jewish Zionists, they even fund Christian organizations to help them to spread Christianity in America.

The American Congress is no longer a democratic institution representing, protecting, and promoting, the interests of Americans living in America. It has become a Jewish colonial outpost more concerned with financing, protecting, and cheerleading, for the scandalous activities of the rachman-like Jewish racists stealing Palestinian land on the other side of the world. America’s Israeli-firsters are pushing the country’s national interests around the world down the plughole because they’ve succeeded in channeling the Bush regime’s entire political and military energies into promoting Jewish military dominance over the Middle East.

The American knesset’s role is, firstly, to act as a cheerleader for the Jews-only state’s continued illegal and immoral colonization of Palestine. Secondly, to syphon American financial and military resources to the squatter state so that it can continue its ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians in Palestine. And thirdly, to bully the rest of the world from taking action against Jewish racism and colonization. The American knesset is just a branch of the Jewish Knesset just as America’s two mainstream political parties are merely competing branches of the Likud party headquartered in occupied Palestine.

The Likudniks were the main funders and promoters of all the major political contenders in America’s recent presidential election so it is hardly surprising that their candidate won the election. Obama’s reward for winning the election was having the privilege of choosing his own dog handler, Rahm Emanuel, an out and out Israeli-firster who has fought for the country of his birth but not for the country he’s temporarily made his home. The question is why Emanuel, such an ardent supporter of the racist state, a Jewish supremacist, a super-Zionist, should leave his beloved homeland to settle down in an alien country and get involved in its political process? Alexander Cockburn states that, "With men like Emanuel and "special assistant on the Middle East" Dan Kurtzer at Obama’s elbow, I imagine the Israeli embassy won’t have much difficulty in monitoring Obama’s plans .." (Alexander Cockburn ‘Israel's Onslaught on Gaza: Criminal, for Sure; But Also Stupid’ January 9-11, 2009). Emanuel will be able to convey the Jewish prime minister’s orders directly to Obama.

The Israelis are hoping that if they can cut off Hamas’s head they can present it as a gift to their new American president and then portray the slaughter as the Jewish state dutifully trying to please its superpower protector. This will have two beneficial political consequences for Israel. Firstly, it will uphold the politically kosher pretense that America is the master and the Jews-only state a mere servant. And, secondly, it will put Obama into debt to the Jews-only state which might lead him to reciprocate by ordering an American military attack on Iran or permitting an Israeli attack on Iran.

The Israelis are thus hoping for a geopolitical jackpot by defeating or dismantling Hamas. Firstly, they will have crushed Palestinian resistance thereby giving a huge boost to their ethnic cleansing campaign in Palestine. Secondly, they will be able to exert considerable pressure on the Obama administration to launch an attack on the Jews’ main enemy. And, thirdly, they hope that a military attack on Iran will lead to a regional war, perhaps even world war three, which will further boost the Jews-only state’s regional military dominance and enable further progress to be made in ethnically cleansing all palestinians from palestine. If the Jews’ defeat hamas this will give the neoconservatives / neoliberals such a huge political boost that it will make war against Iran almost inevitable.