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Monday, June 15, 2009

One School For All Revisited.

One School For All Revisited.

This phenomenon has just gone through the first month of its conception. A baby takes nine months before birth. Nevertheless the proponents of One School For All has taken their first brave step. The first step to true national integration through education.

Some say 1school will never get off the ground. Another feels that the seed is already in the soil and it will take a while before it sprouts its first branch.

Most of us believe that this seedling will grow into a luscious, fruitful, shady and bounteous garden in the desert. The prophets of doom foretell that it will grow into poisonous ivy bushes.

We haven’t heard what the various NGOs of the teaching professions say. We want to hear what the teachers of our children say.

We haven’t heard too what the national PIBG say. PIBGs are partners of the education system in looking after the holistic growth of our children. Surely they have something to share with us.

The various student bodies are still quiet on the subject. They are the products of our education system. Surely they know what is wanting if they find themselves not marketable. Or were they not holistically developed that they do not know what they are there in the society for?

National education and how it is carried out touches these NGOs to the core. Surely they are aware that the 52 years old education system is so lethargic that, it has failed miserably as far as the national integration is concerned.

Surely parents are aware that the government is prone to take the easy way out when faced with the question of national integration and the problems of the education system.

Surely we are all beginning to be aware that our MOE is turning out to be a new broom that fails to sweep clean? He is prone to miss who’s on his left while attending those on his right.

Since such is the case, let’s join with Demi Negara in its calls for a national referendum on vernacular schools.

Since such is the case, read too JMD, Mat Cendana, SatD and OnDaStreet, all bloggers of repute.


NJ said...

Tuan Hamba Dal,

Nak kata Putih, agaknya kerongkong tersekat atau pun lidah kelu.

Nak kata hitam, tak boleh sebab ia lawannya Putih.

Jadi merekapun bersalak-salakan mengatakan itu bukan merah, bukan hijau, bukan biru, bukan kuning, bukan! bukan! bukan!

Bukan hitam ke? Tak! salak mereka.

Habis tu Putih? bukan! bukan! bukan! bukan itu, bukan ini.. maka tak habis-habislah mereka bersalak-salakan.




Dal said...

Salam Tuan NJ;

Mereka yang banyak songel itu samada mereka tidak tahu apa yang mereka tak tahu, atau mereka tidak peduli apa yang mereka hendak.

Akibatnya mereka beranggapan apabila dibuang semua apa yang mereka tidak mahu, yang tinggal nanti mesti yang mereka mahu.

Tragidinya ialah apa akan jadi kalau semua sudah dibuang? Dalam pada itu mereka berpegang bahaawa tiada orang mampu buat pilihan untuk mereka, kerana mereka tidak percaya ada orang yang lebih tahu dari mereka.

Anonymous said...

My earlier comment disappeared after pressing "Preview". Am sending again and hope it'd not be double printing.

Salam Pakcik Dal,

I believe the SSS will become a reality sooner or later. Better sooner than later. Because racial polarisation is on the extreme in recent times. Because the one-school system proposed by the SSS group is an effort at bringing about national unity.

The need for it is there. We, Malaysians of all breeds and creeds, cannot run away from that need. We must have lasting peace and harmony for our children, grandchildren and generations after them. We must progress as a nation, improve the economy and provide jobs for those entering the labour market year in and year out.

We must get the young, at their formative, school-going age, mix among members of various communities, and learn in an environment that allows, encourages and induces a spirit of togetherness. An atmosphere of friendship and oneness as Malaysians. So that when they leave school and become adults they will feel it's natural to say "hello" or "apa khabar sekarang" to others they have met and exchange a few words with, or seen, or exchange glances with one another at school. And not feel ackward to do so, which may be the case if they had been in schools comprising mainly of members of the same community.

It will become a reality because the process of integration is proposed to be carried out in a peaceful way, not the militaristic or assimilation way like done in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. The referendum that is now being spoken for is a democratic and peaceful manner of getting consensus among the populace. There is no valid reason to object the SSS. It is very reasonable to support it.
The SSS is not political in nature, the Demi Negara community proposing that is apolitical and there is no denying of anybody's legitimate rights. Mandarin and Tamil can be studied as elective subjects.

The SSS should not be linked to political issues. NEP, MRSMs etc come under the Malay Special Rights that are enshrined in the Constitution and should not be questioned. Doing so might attract counter-questioning of non-Malay right to citizenship. Because Malay Special Rights was in exchange for the Malays agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays.

Best wishes.


Dal said...

Salam Tuan Sepadu;

Waaahhaa, I've been following you all over the place ... suddenly ter followed you here. What a pleasant surprise.

A soothing, calming and cooling balm such as the SSS must be applied gently. Cuma terkadang, bila yang "menolak" itu rioh rendah gegak-gempita macam bunyi gendang perang membantah sebelum usul periksa, kita terpaksa mengangkat suara di atas keriohan tersebut. Kalau kita dituduh berkeras keranaya, apa boleh buat; ... tapi bila keadaan dah tenang ... barulah dengan lembut kita menerangkannya ... dengan perlahan kita menerapkannya.

Thank you for your much valued contribution.

Anonymous said...

My 9yr old son came home smiling. Apek unker sebelah baru ajer belanja dia, why?

Segala kemudahan termoden mampu mereka beli dan sedia ada, tapi tak tau nak guna pakai.. hehehe

Mintak anak saya tolong ajar how to get directions using google earth.

HAIYO.. Ternganga bila google dapat nampak kereta mereka yang duk parking kat luar via satellite!

Imagine, baru hari ini saja they knew the existence of such facilities!

My neighbours are ALL (mamapapa & kiddies) products of SJKC, some already 17yrs old. They are very successful in their area of business, malangnya, BM dan BI totally out!

They hammer on the keyboards JUST in mandarin, how come they cannot retrieve these facilities all these while?

See what they have been missing?


Dal said...

Salam Tuan Tongkang;

Everything has its first time. We have been rubbing shoulders almost everywhere, especially at DN, but this is the first time we address each other "face to face".

Welcome and thank you for dropping by.

Back to the subject. These people are aloof by nature and they do not believe that anybody can give better than what they have, hence to them Malay or English is a distraction.

They (not all we hopo) do not make good partner and never believe in sharing what they deem to be theirs while insisting on sharing what is ours.

What happened to PAS at the hand of DAP is clear enough. Now that their mentor from down south have paid them "a visit" and gave Penang a pat on the back, things are going to get worse .. starting with PAS.

PAS will start to secularize Islam (had started in fact), will abandon its original struggle, will split and finally lose its bite .. then end up as a relic in the attics of history.

Hadi is struggling to salvage PAS ... hope it is not beyond salvage.