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Friday, June 19, 2009

SSS & Chemeira .. Not of Greek Mythology But Of Malaysian Tragedy

“Our parents sent us to SRJK(T) Kg Pandan. We had difficult time adjusting to SK environment at lower secondary level. Our command of Bahasa and Eng. was very low. We had difficulties in communicating with others then, except among ourselves. I don't want our children to face our problem at their formative age. They must be given the best opportunity to integrate early as possible as Malaysians. One school is the only way. But we worry ... hope our politicians think like us. Otherwise we are forever at their mercy, starting as pawn and ending as sacrificial pieces on their chess board.”

By #1,636: Chemeira Nathan who signed the "Kempen Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua" petition!


We, the SSS people sympathize with you bro/sis Chemeirra.

It greatly pains us to hear you saying, “But we worry ... hope our politicians think like us. Otherwise we are forever at their mercy, starting as pawn and ending as sacrificial pieces on their chess board.”

We are more than happy to welcome you, to join hands in making and contributing our pooled efforts however small to save our future Malaysian children from being continuously used as “pawns and ending as sacrificial pieces on their chess board” as your good self most aptly pen it.

Some of the first-day experiences of our children’s first-day at school are harrowing enough, sometimes taking a lot of effort and time to “repair”; but if we deliberately expose our children to double of such exposes, once at Std. One and again at Form One, it could be traumatic and could never be erased form their memories, especially the sensitive and timid ones. It could most certainly leads to the production of damaging dropouts and individual who failed to fit into society etc. etc. which do not bode well for our country in terms of positive productivity.

But, by the look of it, you Chemeira are one of the lucky ones who made it good, at least judging by your English and maturity of thought. We would like very much to chronicle first hand experiences and testimonies like yours.

Please do respond. Please visit us at

Best wishes.


Alizul said...

Question: Is the power that be listening? PM? TPM? Minister of Education? Don't they ever read the alternative media/blogs? Have they ever gone to the ground (turun padang) and speak to teachers, PIBG, students, etc? Don't they have the resources to do that?

Dal said...

Let's hope they do Sdr Alizul. More importantly let's hope their resources paint the true picture when they report and let's hope they themselves do the samplings on the ground as you say.

In the beginning they did say something to this effect. Honourable people do not go back on their words. So far we never had a Nero in our midst ... perhaps only a near-miss 'cousin Nero' heheheh ...

All the same ... thanks for sharing ... your thoughts makes merry a lonely street.

Anonymous said...


Good to see you ask those questions. Your questions are also suggestions.

I think they read the blogs. PM has acknowledged the role of blogs. He even asked the rakyat to write to him about his 1Malaysia idea. If they don't have time to read, their officers do. When they do, they inform the boss. That's what the civil servants are supposed to do.

I even imagine at every Ministry there is one officer designated with the task of bringing up to the attention of the busy boss any important development in the country. There usually is a Public Relations Officer doing it. This SSS is an important development. It has been reported in the newspapers and other media. The problem may be the current political situation, the result of auto-piloting or lack of governing in the past.

Let's keep on supporting and doing whatever we can to promote the SSS, including signing the Petition and getting others to do the same. Let's urge the Government to carry out a referendum by writing about it and talking about it in as many places as we can. We are asking in a democratic and peaceful way. We can talk and write as much as we like.

Fellows like Wee Ka Siong the Deputy Education Minister and MCA Youth Head would likely be doing their utmost to spike the SSS Campaign. The fellow even threatened to police report the promoters for using the word "gejala". He didn't even check in Kamus Dewan Bahasa that the word has more than one meaning and not derogatory. Imagine that, a Deputy Minister doing such things. Another Petitioner, a Chinese, wrote her disbelief and asked whether she had wasted her vote at the last election.

By the referendum the SSS should get majority support. The Government can then use it to justify adopting SSS system. Malays constitute 68% of the population. There are also indigenous Sabahans and Sarawakians who have expressed support for the SSS.

Let's prod on. It may take time but let's continue steadily.


Dal said...

Thank you Tuan Maju. Thank you for the support .. for everything.

Heh heh, here the support is kayu cengal .. wheres beam that's being supported is only a buluh betong. What an honour!