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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Truth And Contaminated Truth.

Allah (al-Haq) is Truth, and Truth comes from Allah.

Syed A. Ali talks about “Some Information About The Quran”. He is talking about the Qur’an.

The Qur’an reads out Truth. Ali’s writings expound corrupted truth. Readers tend to be confused between the two. So be informed and be on guard.

The Truth of the Qur’an cannot be arrived at by the help of only the external eye(s). The faculty of Devine Inner Eye is needed. One helps for the gathering of acquired knowledge, and the other is needed for the acquiring of Divine Intuitive Knowledge.

The combination of both eyes and knowledge arrives at Truth, eg. the pure Truth of the Qur’an.

We are not as yet talking about the Sources of Knowledge. We cannot discount Hadith as a source of (beside other knowledge), The Qur’anic Knowledge.

Syed has great knowledge to arrive at what he has arrived at. But still we have to agree that, our knowledge of is not even a millionth of a drop compared to the ocean of knowledge and of Truth.

Can we be sure that his findings (driven by his knowledge) may not be contaminated Truth? Or may be, worse still, unwittingly can he be not contributing to the disseminating of “secularized truth” concerning the Qur’an besides Qur’anic Truth of the al-Haq.

We can see that most, if not all Muslims countries are rendered impotent by the adoption of secularized Islamic Way Of Life by the West. The rules of their “Islamic Way Of Life”, which is supposed to be guided by the Laws of the Lord of Abraham and the other prophets s.a.w. is subservient to the rules of secularism, which now is the adopted rules of nearly all states, which lay supreme over any other rules or law.

Secularized Islam tends to tempt its adherents to ignore what is halal and haram; to overlook the differences between the ways of heaven or hell; and tend to neglect the propagation of amr ma’aroof and nahi anil munkar.

Hence secularized thinking, by the application of only the external eye, encourages the questioning of the “the unseen” and of Truth of the al-Haq in a secularized way. This materialistic eye can only see, believe and recognize materialism; and anything that cannot be seen or tested or experimented upon in labs cannot be construed as “knowledge of fact”.

Muslims with such thinking are recognized by the enemies of Islam as “progressive Muslims.” Some have been knighted and others awarded Nobel Prizes. Perhaps S.A.Ali’s is on the pipe line.


Has PAS secularized its Islam so much that it is afraid to talk and chit-chat with brother UMNO across a coffee table for fear of DAP and PKR just like the Saudis, the Jordanians and the Egyptians are afraid to talk to each other while Israel has its hay day slaughtering their brothers the Palestinians, for fear of Israel?

I don’t think so. Pas is not that sharp. If they are, DAP would not have them to farm pigs for them. And “erdogan” would not have burrowed that deep into their mids.

Still, All Malays have PAS in their hearts. It is said that hearts that remember fondly is a place to come back to.

You still have your original place to come back to PAS.

Tak kan berkerat rotan berpatah arang kot. Itu memutuskan silaturrahim namanya.

Wallahu A’lam.

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