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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Inconsequential.

There was a madman wellknown
Believed a Faqir camouflaged; wandering, uttering incoherencies ..

The more you possess
The more you are possessed.
Abundance breeds heedlessness;
Abundance prevents attendance
In the hall of Divine Presence.

Once, this Possessed One venture to say:
Make any request surely it will be granted.

This Faqir begs not for anything
From the slave of my slaves.

How so O Faqir?

Greed and lust I do enslaved.
Thou art the slave of both.
Faqir-al-Haqir is an honour
Only for the honourable ... so said the Phrophets,
But a disgrace to all slaves of lust and greed.

The Faqir do begs ....
On the doorsteps, of ...
The One and True King;
Who causes not His Faqir's heart be
Affected by misfortunes ableeding
Or fortunes aworrying.
He immersed his outwards in gratitude,
His inwards he sinks in His blessings,
That his lower self turned angelic,
So his soul rendered Divine Nearness.

Exalted is He ... His gifts ...
None matches His Greatness
Or stand in comparison of Him.

Neither worldly poverty makes him poor
Nor worldly possession makes him rich
The universe weighs not a mosquitoe's wing
On the scale of the Faqir ....
The Faqir, the drop that joins the Ocean
The Drop that vanishes ... the Ocean that Remains always,
Who, thus becomes so great that,
The universe fails to contain him.

O man, what can you offer
To such slave of The One and Only King?

Come you down from your unholy throne,
To strive to gain faqirhood and then rule over us,
Not before then; or else
Let this Faqir rule on His behalf.

Thus the Faqir is done uttering his incoherencies.
A silent question put forward in secret.
To whom are these incoherencies directed?
To my sons. Says he aloud.
Where are they? Another hidden question.
The Palace of Putera Jaya.