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Monday, June 21, 2010

And The Wheel Grinds On ....

"...MCA is actually a party heavily divided not just by warlords but also by objectives.

Some groups are in MCA for business purposes and they don't care what happens to the country as long as their pockets are save.

There is another group who cares only about positions and play politics all the time where they sway their stand according to the wind flow.

Our focus today is on a group which always talk about the Chinese without ever thinking of other races.

This group is actually a pain for MCA because they are largely influential in MCA politics and they are heavyweights within the Party's four walls.

"More Chinese schools, more money for Chinese education, more businesses for Chinese, more contracts for Chinese, more allocation for Chinese NGOs ..... " .... they rant and cleave the air with their hands.
................. an excerp taken from the blog A piece Of My Mind at

The Askar Melayu Diraja is made impotent because the attacker ceased to employ the CPM's tactic. They now attack by patting their victims' heads or rubbing their backs, especially so the heads and the backs of the "Melayu Libreals" and "The Grazing Cows". But the end results are the same. There's going to be no more Tanah Melayu to go home to. Hence "The Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja" is no more a defense to fall back to.

"Perhaps we should acknowledge our past “inaccuracy” in saying that the citizenship right for the non-Malays was in exchange for the Special Position of the Malays. One of the following articles quotes the British Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) for the Colonies (Mr. Alan Lennox-Boyd), telling the British Parliament while debating the Malaya Independence Bill:

“All that the Reid Commission did was to continue to give cognisant to those special positions. There were no new position or right added as part of a compromise. To say therefore that citizenships were offered to the non-Malays in exchange of those special positions were not accurate. That is because those positions were already there and recognised from day one.

The special position of the Malays was recognized in the original treaties made by His Majesty in previous years, and Her Majesty Queen Victoria and others with the Malay States. It was reaffirmed when these treaties were revised. It was confirmed in the 1948 Agreement, and reference was expressly made to it in the terms of reference of the Reid Commission. So the Malay privilege clauses in the articles of the Constitution do not, in the main, introduce any precedent, but give recognition in the Constitution to the existing situation.”

Consequently, we would henceforth try to use this British declaration in their Parliament in our discussions on the subject of citizenship right, the Malay Special Position and of unity in the country. "
..................... taken from Kempen SSS at

Sadly most of us are not well adept in this mode of engagement.

But to have no home ... no Tanah Melayu for the yet-to-be-born to come back to ....

Sad. Very sad.

The Askar Melayu Diraja no more can say ..... "If he really has no place to come back to ....(.... And no one seems to care ....)....I'll be the one he can come home to...."

Since the "Melayu Liberals" have turned "Tanggang" and are not to be depended upon; can our "Laskar Cintas" replace the AMD? They seem very much occupied in walking and out of the magistrate or shari'ah court.