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Monday, June 7, 2010

Is It Affordable To Close One Eye?

No men is please when placed below another. He fights back.
All men strive to place himself above others. He supresses.
The struggle rages on to no ends.
"Hawk-man" (some say Satan) capitalises on it.

All men-made constitutions camouflages the subjugation of one section of men over another. The struggles evolves into wars trapping and consuming all into destruction caused by choice deeds incongruent to the natural scheme of things.

Attempts were made to place a perfect constitution for men by the prophets. Hawk-men ostracize or kill them. Dove-men misunderstand them. They were forgotten.

(Ring. Ring.. Ring... Tel.)
Pakcik. Tolong Pakcik.
Kamu bertumbuk lagi Nuar?
Tidak Pakcik. Kawan saya. Minah. Saya dah terkasar ngan dia.
Minah jiran kamu budak tingkatan empat itu?
Ya Pakcik. Mak bapak dia marah. Tak puas hati. Lapor polis. Polis tengah cari saya. Alaaa mati saya Pakcik. Tolong saya Pakcik.
Ibu ayah kamu ........?
Alaaaa jangan bagi tau diaorang Pakcik. Mati saya. Tolong saya Pakcik. Sembahyang hajat untuk saya Pakcik. Lembutkan hati mak bapak Minah. Alaaa sembahyang hajat aje. Boleh ok? (Tel dimatikan)

*** Hmh. He gets himself into trouble and he expected others to do something and specific about it? These are worse than hawk-boy or dove-boy. Shamelessly impudent. Brazen presumptious. Our future citizens! ***

y: I happen to be this friend of xxxxx you menctioned.
x: that's our lord xxxxx.
z: the friend of lord xxxxx and you still have to work?
y: yes. poverty is the same everywhere. it's how you deal with it. i still have to make a living. i actually have a great time. i like birds and animals. so living in the wilds with them is a great source of satisfaction.
z: strange. chosing to live like this than to be with the lords and kings.
y: sorry. they sometimes stains the inside. here with nature, birds, animals; they cleanses.
x: being here, not with them, does'nt that kill your killer instinct?
y: on the conterary. it's sharpened, honed and fine-tuned. with a bonus. this instinct kills only when nesaccery. to avoid conflict is economical and ergonomics. wastage is avoided.