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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Discerns? Which Eye With?

Since World War 1, since the fall of the Caliphate, tremendous pressure is mounting against the Muslims.

Since the birth of the Judeo-Western Wahabi-Saudi Satelite State, all muslim states have adopted and adapted their muslim way and make it suitable to the requirements or conditions tabled by the West.

Since the return of the Jews and the birth of Israel, the Muslim world are being pushed closer and closer to the brink. All muslims who knows Islam and want to live Islam find themselves staring at the wrong end of the Judeo-Western guns held by smiling fellow travelers.

Is not a cold war being waged against Islam? The Muslim World recolonized? Hmmmm.

One so called Muslim State. Sovereign Malaysia.

Sovereign? Islamic State? What power have you? Dare you act to please your Allah even if it means to the displeasure of America? You are seen even to placate Singapore!

O you Malays. Muslims. Sovereign? Are you? What power have you? Dare you act to please your Allah even if it means that DAPs the enemies of Allah is displeased? You are even seen to placate the unconstitutional vernacular schools. You are not mindful of your Allah but you are afraid of this master worth so much votes.

O you one Melayu. You are not even holding on to your off-the-shelf constitution, let alone Allah's constitution.