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Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's The Difference?

Susah betul saya hendak mentaati semua perintah. Suruh dan tegah amat nyata. Ustaz-ustazah sudah dan selalu memperincikan perintah-perintah dengan teratur. Terima kasih.

At the end of the day, secretly I would say, "Ustaz, tell me something I do not know."

My problem is not with the commands of Allah. My problem is why I have no strength to obey these commands. No uztaz seems able help me locate WHERE MY PROBLEM LIES.

UNTIL ..... one day ... when it's nearly too late ... when I was way past my prime .....!!

He ... this young man says ............ Pakcik, our probleb lies here .....

Consider this. Saiful .... Saiful surrenders to Anuar because of Anuar's command. Did Saiful love the act? Did he enjoy or gain any pleasure from the act? Would Saiful repeat the act willfully the next time around?

Consider this pula .... If .... if Saiful loves Anuar. Saiful would strive to please Anuar, whom he loves. In the process Saiful would gain tremendous pleasure in seeing Anuar very much pleased with him for submitting. Surely the next time around, Saiful would repeat the act with pleasure, without further reminder or command. .... And he would struggle to keep this secret meetings between him and his beloved forever and ever.

To this young man I dare not say , "Boy, tell me something I do not know." I went home reflecting on his wosds.

Was he saying that I had spent too much time on concentrating on the commands of Allah. Did he imply that I should give more time to knowing my Allah, more intimately, be with Him always. Know Him. Love Him. Is it when I know Him intimately, loves Him dearly, I would then be pleased to strive to Please Him? Is this also how to gain His Pleasure? And gain pleasure doing it? Obeying Him? Hmmm.

So there is a difference between obeying Him and obeying His commands? Ada bezakah antara mentaati Allah dengan mentaati perintah-perintahNya?