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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Nation?

Pak Ngah Mid: This “rivalry” between PAS and UMNO, certain belief holds that the Malays should gain what it need only through one or the other. No need for unity. What do you feel?

Mak Mas Pari-Pari: They are our adversary. Unity will neutralize our struggle. Our struggle is Islam. Theirs is narrow nationalism. It has tried to destroy us. We must not forgive them. .....”.

Pak Ngah Mid: .... so you maintain that they should remain separated; one should do without the other; or one needs no part of the other; or since they represent two differing struggles, there’s no need to work for an understanding, bridging the chasm between them....?

Pak Sam Dig: My sympathies are with dear Mak Mas. Now that we know each other, I support her struggle. She does mine. We must ignore these racist nationalists. Our course should be the Middle Kingdom For All with us as the axis of course.

Bujang Anak Mak Mas: I know mom. I know. I feel the same way Mom. How can I forgive them for what they did. But right now, all that we do is shouting at one another; while our common backyards are burning to the ground. In no time the fire between us will consume our houses. Let’s deal with this fire first ... together ... they and us. Then we’ll take it from there.

Pak Sam Dig: Out of those burnt ashes we could sow new seeds. So the faster it buns the better. In fact I have a plan how to accelerate the burning process.

Mak Mas Pari-Pari: What are you doing boy? What can you do that your Mom and Dad cannot? Are you teaching your mother how to suck egg?

Bujang: (Aside. Soliloquizing: Sorry mom. Ever since the time you start sucking Sam Dig’s eggs, you’ve become an expert egg sucker.) We should contain this fire first. Then we must put in place a plan so that the inferno can never reoccur.

Mak Mas: What “fire” are you talking about? Talk in plain language.

Bujang: Hate. Plainly displayed. Greed. Thinly disguised. There’s too much hate and greed arround. Hate and greed breed hate and greed. A new vicious cycle of hatred and greed is started almost by the hour. Our dos and don’ts are motivated by one or the other. These are so pervasive that our arguments against unity are not rational any more.

Mak Mas: What common backyards. I feel Pak Sam Dig’s arguments that he whispered to me are sound. And you inferred that we are irrational?

Bujang: Pretending to be naive is self-destructive Mom. Because of it we let others like Sam Dig to think and speak for us. Now we are allowing them to act for us. ... (annoyed) ... Since the day you share your bed with him, all your concerns gravitate around him. What about us, the house, yours and my coming grandchildren, and the backyards handed down by our forefathers?

Pak Ngah Mid: This ... this washing dirty linen in public is counter-productive. Bujang did come up with some suggestions. Pray elaborate Bujang.

Bujang: (1) We cannot allow this Mom. We have a God. There must be a difference between "with a God" and "without a God". If the Malays are allowed to be weakened by hate and greed (like them) too ..... ....
(2) PAS and UMNO both claim to struggle within and for the Islamic way. In other words both are forming a base in order to stop this cycle of hatred and greed .... but the "accidental" outcome is plain Mom .... greed for this power and suspicion/hatred for each other has stopped us from sharing ..... while at the same time we share with "friends" who torch our backyards.
(3) We ....

Mak Mas: You are going against the grains of our "bai'ah" to our elders boy ....

Bujang: No Mom. We should apply this "bai'ah" not only to our elders but to our Bangsa too. As it is, we won't be with you, but we cannot leave you too.

Pak Ngah Mid: Back to your number 3 .... or is "bai'ah" part of number 3?

Bujang: Before that; let's sing.