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Monday, July 12, 2010

Look Left While Looking Right.

The MCA is at it again. As expected. They demand RM 1 bilion for their segregationist vernacular schools. They want to perpetuate the self-alienation of their race, to remain racial, to ensure that real intergration is impossible for the yet-to-be-born and young Malaysians.

They chose to be shallow by measuring their success only by their votes counts come next PRU. They are desprate. They are irrational. They are incapable of right thinking. Their heads won't help you Najib. Read more heads. Feel other heartbeats.

Please. Learn to look left while also looking right. Like Tun Dr. Mahathir did.

MCA. Is that the wish of your kiasu barons or the wish of the Chinese people? The Malays have become Malaysians. Some even liberals. Now it's your turn. Stop being bloody chauvinis.

Say no Nagib. Don't be a Lebai Malang who for missing a simple calculation, missed all; or a Pak Kadok, whose ayam menang sabung, but his kampung ends tergadai. Enough of this mempersundalkan of our maruah, bangsa and tanah air.

Or at least be a little Jew by saying, " ... here's rm 1 billion for Sekolah Kebangsaan Chung Wha, SK Choon Kok, SK Tsun Jin and the rest. No More Sek. Jenis Kebangsaan. Or like Dato Rocky said .. tune up the system to accept English as the medium of instructions.

Don't be only like a lame Malay. He only knows haw to give .. to succumb ... never to capitalise. Be a little wily ... or dirty if you must. A little bit of soap should put it right.

Do you know why they keep on demanding? Because they feel they have the advantage ... to strike while the iron is red ... while the Malays are divided, and most of all, because they do not care about the disadvantage they throw others into. Aiya Nostladamus Kaa ... say something.

Stop viewing us Melayus by the eyes of others. They (the kiasus chauvinist) never make good bedfellows.