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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

It’s said that every one is encouraged to an attempt at understanding one another better so that we can go about together better.

Yes. It's all that. From the begining of time. Attempting to understand one another. Attempting to know each other better. Attempting to be able to progress. And so on and so forth.

Does this "understanding-one-another-better" really exist? On the ground? One side says to know each other better all must school together under one universial system. The other side says, two or more system's better, more choice.

So they end up attempting to know each other under a blurry mist. Under no system at all. It was only an attempt. The knowing-of-each-other is something different. Something to decorate political lies. It real one passed by unnoticed. Each (side) ending not knowing even itself.

At best they pretend to know each other. Lough when the other lough. Demand when the other demand. The next inevitable step ...each side demanding more and more from the other side. When fingers start pointing and fists are about to be thrown .... " ok ok ok ... lets sit down and talk..."

So they sat. Only one does the talking. One who pretends to know all, who says, "There must be a change ... changes here ... changes there ... bla bla bla ..."

Who says these? Nothing less than voices of one with vested interest or perpetrators of a vernacular schooling system, a schooling system he does not want to change, yet wants to see changes in the country.

Then they start to quarrel about "change".

Then they demand. Then they bribe. Then they intimidate.

Meanwhile the kiasus and the chauvanists applied their aged-proven formula. Secure all possible wealth and space. Commercialise all forms of integrity, corner all manner of power and all modes of law and order emforcements. When nothing is left in the hands of politicians, these render those power-hungry politicians into ineffectual babblers. The playing field is now theirs. The kiasus and the chauvanists. Never the politico-babblers. They are now just pawns.

In the end authority rests in the hands of the manipulators. It's them who understand what "mutual understanding" is for. They left the "attempting" to others, who untill the last remain fabricated. Forever.

"Let them discuss themselves silly. We move in to fill up the vacume whenever oppurtunity avails itself," the thin-lipped, slant-eyed taipan chuckled.

Where are these people? Some are already in MCA. Most behind.

There is a sapling of a giant Kayu Berlian growing in our jungle. A Kayu Jati closer at hand. Berlian-Jati is PERKASA perkasa. Very few understands this Kayu Berlian-Jati PERKASA. Those vernacular school lovers who thwart the meaningful intergration of the citizen through their vernacular system will never understand this Pokok Kayu Berlian-Jati PERKASA. But their reactions show fear.

They throw obtsacles in the path of mutual understanding and intergration. So they will not come to an understanding with PERKASA. What they do not understand, they fear. And their call for the abolition of PERKASA mirrors this fear. To call for the abolition of PERKASA is akin to calling for the abolition the TUNJANG and TERAS of Berlias-Jati in Melayu. This Tunjang-Teras Berlian-Jati appears in one form today; in another form some other time as needed. Its located on the fringes of the seven sumpah wasiat raja-raja.

There is a hickup. Najib. How much of a leader is he? Is he promoting the nation's agenda or that of a desprate-and-scared-about-to-be-skinned-alive MCA?