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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Soi Lek's Tuan

Change The Game kata Soi Lek

Kata saya ...

Soi Lek is asking his tuan to accommodate him further. So did his predecessor. So did his predecessor's predecessor. So did his predecessor's predecessor's predecessor. They have been asking (conning?) for accommodation after accommodation after accommodation from their tuan ever since.

He asks from somebody who owns something. This makes that somebody the 'tuan punya'. But he refuses to acknowledge openly that this 'tuan' is the 'tuan yang empunya' simply because he refuses to learn the kesopanan dan kesusilaan of this 'tuan'. If this 'tuan' is orang putih, he would have no problem.

Without these handouts, these accommodation that he 'kautim' out of 'tuan punya kedaulatan', he just cannot move forward, he just cannot get any 'changes' at all. Any small change for this pengemis politik someone?

Repeat. "Without these handouts, these accommodation that he 'kautim' out of tuan punya kedaulatan, he just cannot move forward, he just cannot make any 'changes'."

Flip the pages of history. Look for any advancement without first being awarded with some semblance of accommodation. Look at the constitution. Most are values accommodated ... by the tuan punya kedaulatan.

Let us look at the Chi of PKR. Without the Mal (of PKR) can he be there now? Can the DAP be where it is without the PKR? Where would PKR & PR be without PAS. Where would MCA MIC be without UMNO. This is looking beyond ethnicity. The majority is the tuan punya kedaulatan.

"If Keadilan can project itself to be multiracial and be able to look after the interests of CHI or Indian community, it raises the possibility that MCA, MIC GERAKAN may not be relevant anymore." says Soi Lek.

So in order for you to stay relevant your ask your tuan to make the change? For a change, why not you make some 'changes'. You all are 50 year-old adults since merdeka. Act like one and stop this 'gun-boat' 'reality-showmanship' for accommodation.

This tuan doesn't aspire to be supreme over anybody as you put it. Allah Encompasses His Supremacy over all other than Him. What this 'tuan punya kedaulatan' doesn't want is a roommate that slyly works for more space for himself, that 'cry wolf' to win for himself accommodation by deviously juggling the universal call for 'change' whilst excluding himself from his pious call.

Our complacency cost us two-third majority and 5 states. They figured we are at our weakest. They would never want our political enemy to beg for any further 'Batu Putih'. They are too smart for that.

So they asked our roommate & bedfellow to do it so as not to be too obvious. So this 'advertisement' speech is put forward to get his master to make further 'changes'.

Must look beyond ethnicity indeed. Does he (did they? did they? did they?) make / made any relevant 'changes' at all? They never change. Soi Lek uses 'the 308 tsunami' to justify his 'gun-boat diplomacy' so that the faint-hearted 'see the logic' of the argument.

"Must produce what is advertised" otherwise no buyer. By that he means "Must accommodate further otherwise the CHI would not vote for me." He is appealing to our
'kera-di-hutan-disusukan-anak-di-pangkuan-mati-kelaparan' weakness and forever generosity.

Its best to 'Buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali'. Its best the 'change' is not what Soi Lek demand of us. Its best that this 'change' is what we see inside of us. Its best for UMNO to meditate what's its god is. Is it Allah or other-than-Allah.

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