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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Now

People say Tun Mahathir’s Malaysia is less ‘democratic’ as compared to Pak Lah’s Malaysia. Tun’s Malaysia was less chaotic than Pak Lah’s ‘more democratic’ Malaysia.

Singapore’s democracy is ruled by an iron fist. Malaysia’s democracy is now ruled by a free-for-all ‘open fist’. (Ever come across an ‘open fist’?) SD is twice MR in value.

China is not a democratic country at all. India is a democratic ( err not too democratic) nation. China is doing better than India.

Kuwait is partially democratic. The monarchies of the Persian Gulf are ... simply monarchies. Kuwait is lagging behind.

Palestine and Lebanon leaders are democratically elected. Their neighbors, the more ‘authoritarian’ Arab states are doing better.

Wander what’s happening in the rest of the democratic west now compared to the not so democratic ... say Russia?

Malaysia being of the east, should not settle for Obama of the west then? May be the PM in-wating is not good enough? We should go back to the east and invite ... a 'Wali Songo' instead?

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