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Friday, November 28, 2008


First, don't get me wrong. I am never a patron of these road side teh-tarik stalls named BN or PR. Their dishes are all half cooked. And what I am going to say is not of any leaning to any ethnicity.

A) Consider well, so that we leave our country with an open option.

1) People tell us that BN’s strength is crumbling. People also have not tell us where is PR’s strength.

2) People tell us that BN is a dying relic. People also haven’t shown us what sustains PR’s existence.

3) People tells us not to vote for MIC. People also forget to tell us what ‘mic’ will fight for us in the PR.

4) Something may cause all Chinese to vote for PKR. It also can cause all Bumis to vote for UMNO.

5) We neglect ourselves not to look into the ‘PAS factor.’

6) For all we know, PAS can be the ‘kingmaker’.

7) Whoever’s table PAS decides to join for breakfast, that table will ascend to the throne.

B) We are looking for something that will cater for its kind whilst not neglecting all the other kinds, something that will not only be saksama, sama-rata-sama-rasa, but more so that has the strength to be adil. We have to look for someone who caters his home well while not neglecting all his neighbors, even if he is not popular.

Yes strength and adil are mutually complementary.

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