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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crossing The Bridge

JMD said in his latest posting titled “The rise of racism and the fall of Malay leadership”

“ .... They had realized that hammering the calls of unity and equality eventually ring hollow in the ears of their supporters when they were put to task by the suggestion of streamlining the education system into national schools.

Suddenly they backtracked their calls and wanted things to be as it is. Status quo.

We can see further how desperate these people are when they even accuse this call for closer integration and unity among races is actually a call for further disunity! They had even wanted certain Malay leaders to be arrested under the Sedition Act! They think we are that stupid.

Many Malaysians especially the non Malays admire the leadership of Singaporean leaders although the PAP led government there are more intolerant to dissent and practices nepotism. ...”


So lets us apply the same medicine here. They admire leadership that is intolerant to dissent and practices nepotism.

Political power is in the hand of the majority. These trouble makers, these DAP communists and PKR menace admire iron fists.

They have no admiration for the present regime, a pathetic band of lanuns and ball-lickers endowed with hook-extensions.

So lets assemble some iron fists that will smash DAP's and PKR's faces in. Lets pursue this vernacular thing. Let’s break this status quo.

Vernacular - to be or not to be - for or against. To referendum. Referendum. Referendum. No demonstrasi jalanan.

That’s iron fist of the rakyat. That’s democratic. That’s equality for all. That’s the voice of Malaysians. That’s for Malaysians.

Mukhriz. Upgrade your arguments to the next level.

Malaysians. Friends. Countrymen. Lend us your ears. Mukhriz comes not to sow dicord. He comes to bury disunity. Lend us your hands. Contribute your minds. Call unto friends. Prop the supports. Resonate the chorus lines.

Four short years to 2013. Chorus the call. Streamline Malaysian education. Away with vernacular. Repeat. Repeat. Radios. TVs. Papers. Banners. NGOs. Individuals. All.

Referendum. Streamline Malaysian education. Away with vernacular. No let ups. Onward. We want more Mukhriz.


Kembara Politik said...

Salam Tuan Tam Dalyell;

I believe that Mukhriz will fight this with his own. All alone by himself. There is no more Mukhriz I guess. Our leaders have no guts.

P/S: Salam Aidil Adha & Maaf Zahir Batin.

Dal said...

Sdr. Kembara. His 'loneliness' may last these three months, after which things will definitely change.

Lets wait in which direction this 'change' will take place.

After which we'll take it from there. Most certainly shall take it from there!

Our survival depends upon it.

Meanwhile, in our kembara politik with you, we shall endeavor to place the proper bricks into their proper places to build the proper walls.