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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

O You Mighty Mutt.

The Palestinian "militants" are terrorists and murderers they say.
The Israeli government are terrorists and murderers too; only on a much bigger scale.

The whole of the White House are frozen in fear of being charged "anti-Semite" if they dare to stand up for the human rights of the Palestinian people.

The U.S. taxpayers finance the Israelis' genocidal adventurism with billions of dollars.

The Pentagon's vast military arsenal are at the disposal of the Israeli death squad.

And the U.S. government provides Israel with invaluable "diplomatic" support.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" they say, and in their blindness the Americans just shake their heads at their loss of moral vision.

It's never an eye for an eye in Palestine.
It's a hundred eyes for an eye.

Uncle Sam is an accomplice to the current slaughter.
Uncle Sam is the perpetrator to this and others ongoing Israeli war crime.

Mighty indeed.


Omong said...

Yeah, the mighty DOLLAR puts the world's champions of human rights to eerie silence

what a shame ...

BaitiBadarudin said...

Di mana suara para penegak hak asasi manusia di Malaysia? Tak ada 'candle light virgil' untuk pendidik Genting Gaza?

Apocryphalist said...

Tuan Dal,

There can be many differing views on the conflict, but the numbers always tell the true stories:-

Number of Israeli Prisoners in Palestinian prisons:- 1
Number of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli prisons:- 10,756

Number of Palestinian homes demolished by Israel: 18,147
Number of Israeli homes demolished by Palestinians: 1

Number of UN Resolutions targeted onto Israel 1955-1992:- 65
Number of UN Resolutions targeted onto Palestine 1955-1992:- 0

US Aid to Israel in 2007:- USD 6.8M per day
US Aid to Palestine in 2007:- USD 300K per day

Israelis injured from 2000 till 2007:- 8,000
Palestinians injured from 2000 till 2007:- 33,000

Israelis killed from 2000-2007:- 1062
Palestinians killed from 2000-2007: 4076

Israeli Children killed from 2000-2007:- 123
Palestinian Children killed from 2000-2007: 1050

Israeli Illegal Settlements: 223
Palestinian Illegal Settlements: 0

I got these numbers from If one googles in deeper, one can certainly find more horrendous numbers.

Dal said...

Whaaa! What? Must be my new year's luck.

Never dream that Tuan Apocryphalist would drop by ... and left his mark pulak tu.

Dulu pernah Tuan KijangMas mampir. Sehingga sekarang belum tersebut pun terima kasih.

Tahun ini berani sikit kot.

Terima kasih Tuan Apocryphalist.
Terima kasih Tuan KijangMas.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Pembetulan pada komen semalam: penduduk, bukan pendidik. Maaf.

Ridzzy said...

Salam Tam

When I was much younger and studying in Australia, I knew this israeli coursemate who made a remark on my mistake during one of our many lunch chit chat.

I learnt that not all israelis are jewish, and not all jews are zionist. There are in fact many Israeli jews like herself who are actually activists for the palestinians and are totally against the regime.

Also agree with you on the deafening silence of the world super powers, G7, US of A etc. This carnage will continue for as long as they allow it to continue. With the current strength of Jewish Lobbyists within the US senate, one wonders if the Palestinians have any hope..

Dal said...

Salam Ridzzy

The Zionist together with their collaborators and perpetrators never meant to share Palestine with anybody. The original dwellers are just goyim to them and must be treated as such ... animals.

The oligarchs from among them views war, bloodshed, conflict, hostilities, strife, strike, struggle, vying for supremacy, race rivalry and strife, and intrigue as an ideal opportunity to expand their geographical and political borders.

Hence peace is not what Israel wants. Even if the most powerful nation on earth wants it. This blue globe in the vastness of the universe will see no more peace.

So the Middle East, and yes the whole world, will see more and more wars, bloodshed, hostilities .... may be till the end of time or till a new world map is drawn, whichever comes first.

There are other possibilities, but ... that's for other time and place.

So conservationists and nature lovers like your good self can look forward to more heartaches and disappointments. My heartache is dear Ridzzy in seeing humans spending millions to save an orphaned rhino, orang utans or polar bear whilst on the other end of the pole seeing other humans spending billions to end others' life.

But then, all are created for a purpose.

Thanks for the comment.