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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The KJ Saga.

KJ, like AI – shooting star – targeting the PMship.

USA maintains many lions caught from all parts of the world in its zoo.

Singapore is one such lion. Israel is the trainer. It owns America.

When AI showed signs of failing to deliver, his master looks for new candidates. Never discarding the now old relic.

They found a suitable candidate from Oxford.

KJ was re-programmed by this next door lion den.

KJ appeared dreaming to become the youngest Prime Minister.

KJ is a good sales-con-man.

The Singaporean Batang-Kalimullah was a good tool and commission earner.

The TM tele-company was put at the disposal of The Lion’s Secret Service.

He even tried to sell Petronas to Temasik.

The BII debacle smack reeks of his armpit spray.

Isa was in KJ’s path. He was slaughtered.

Najib is demonized and ‘framed’ in hindu priest’s garb.

The A-T-S and helicopter ‘connections’ are all ‘intelligence soup’ from the lion den's kitchen.

This ‘soup’ dirtied MT’s kitchen. RPK the chef got burnt. Put on temporary freeze to heal.

All in all nothing good for UMNO from KJ. That lion dot is master no-2. No-1 being himself.

Rakyat wants a master who serves. Never the opposite.

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Salam perjuangan,

Mukhriz for KP!

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