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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mumbai And Washington

Washington Arrogance Has Fomented a Muslim Revolution

Says Paul Craig Roberts
As posted in December 5 2008.

“Is Pakistan responsible for the Mumbai attack in India? No."

"Is India’s repression of its Muslim minority responsible? No."

"Is the United States government responsible? Yes."

"The attack on Mumbai required radicalized Muslims."

"Radicalized Muslims resulted from the US overthrowing the elected government in Iran and imposed the Shah;"

"from the US stationing troops in Saudi Arabia;"

"from the US invading and attempting to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, bombing weddings, funerals, and children’s soccer games;"

"from the US violating international and US law by torturing its Muslim victims;"

"from the US enlisting Pakistan in its war against the Taliban;"

"from the US violating Pakistan’s sovereignty by conducting military operations on Pakistani territory, killing Pakistani civilians;"

"from the US government supporting a half century of Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their lands, towns and villages;"

"from the assault of American culture on Muslim values;"

"from the US purchasing the government of Egypt to act as its puppet;"

"from US arrogance that America is the supreme arbiter of morality.”

”. . As Justice Brandeis said, crime is contagious. Government teaches by example, and America’s example is lawlessness. America’s brutal crimes against the Muslim world have invited every Muslim to become a law unto himself – a revolutionary. It is not terror that Washington confronts but revolution.”

“. . .By illegal, uncivilized and undiplomatic behavior, the US has stirred Muslim peoples . . .”

“. . . By destabilizing Pakistan, the US lost a puppet and created an opportunity for Muslim revolutionaries to exploit."

"By enraging India against Pakistan, the Mumbai attack has created new problems for Pakistan that will focus that government’s attention away from combating Taliban sanctuaries on Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan."

"If the US picks up the slack, it will have invaded yet another country and become trapped in a larger quagmire. ..”

“. . . Having fomented terrorism, the American government now pretends to be the innocent victim, just as Israelis, having brought about terrorism by driving Palestinians from their homes and villages, pretend to be innocent victims...”

“. . . Investigative journalist John Pilger has shown that the so-called "moral superiority of the West" is a hoax designed to shield from view the self-seeking West’s crimes against humanity...”

“. . . Obama promised change from this destructive behavior, but how does change arise when the most arrogant woman on earth is appointed Secretary of State and the rest of the new government is staffed with tried-and-true Likudniks....”

Ataukah kaum Cina kaisu Malaysia berangan-angan menduduki kerusi Washington?


Anonymous said...

salam perkenalan dal. selamat hari raya eidul adha.

Pemuda IKS said...

Salam perkenalan,

The contents of this blog are very facinating. It varies from other typical local blogger like myself which tend to discuss local issues. Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding the Mumbai incident.

Pemuda IKS has lot to learn from Dal. Hope that Dal could share a few thoughts speculating the current local political scene.

"Memperkasa Generasi Baru"

Pergerakan Pemuda
UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
Bahagian Batu WP

Dal said...

Salam Dr.Sid,
Salaam Pemuda IKS

Eidul adha meperingatkan,
Hamba dengan tuhannya,
Apa yang TELAH dibuat keranaNya.

Eidul adha meperingati,
Pejuang dengan rakyatnya,
Apa yang AKAN dibuat untuknya.


Young Blood of IKS,
Anyone on qurban pilgrimage do,
May take UMiNOr as guide,
For she knows the way,
She has been there 12 times,
Hope she can make the 13th journey.

If I have eggs to carry,
I'd place them in UMiNOr's basket,
This old man .. fair UMiNOr admirer not,
Other baskets speculate not,
Never gamble away only eggs you have got.

That much "speculating the current local political scene"
I dare make.

Ponder This said...

Mumbai - rational?
Read this by jRobert


Perhaps a direct attack on Iran, which the Jewish Regime in Israel had hoped for is proving too much of a political nightmare to accomplish for the USA.

An alternative strategy would be to take out Pakistan which is the only Muslim nuclear capable nation which could thwart the territorial aspirations of Israel.

If the Indian government can persuade the Indian people that evil Muslim terrorists from Pakistan are gunning down innocent Indian families they will create a "Pearl Harbor" or "9/11" response from their population of over 1 billion people to use the might of the Indian Military aided by the US and their allies in Afghanistan to put a caretaker government controlled by India in Pakistan.

Iran will then be surrounded by hostile forces, and Israel will have a free hand to expand her territory as she feels fit ...

So it looks like the most rational scenario for gunning down of innocent Indian civilians and a few westerners who were in the wrong place is that it was a false flag operation instigated by Mossad operatives in India.

The Chabad House shooting was to show that it wasn't the Mossad, but evil Muslim terrorists who hate Jews.

Hey the Goyim are so stupid they'll believe anything our news media tells them, shalom, jRobert

(You Mossad guys are so predictable it's difficult to believe you're really Jewish)