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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three Points of Time.

Today’s the 31st Dec 2008. Tomorrow’s the 1st Jan 2009.
What’s the difference?

Today is sufferings. Tomorrow shall be more sufferings.
Today death rains on us. Tomorrow deadlier death rains on us.
Today the cowboys lend their tanks and cannons. Tomorrow the neoconservatives lend their drones and stealths.
Today they destroyed our farms. Tomorrow they blocked all in-coming foods.
Today they rob our medicine. Tomorrow they pulverized our hospitals.
Today the Jews lob rockets upon us. Tomorrow the Zionist launch nuclear devices around.
Today they settle on our land. Tomorrow they force us to vacate our world.
Today the world makes token noises. Tomorrow this world don’t care.
Today there are puppet Bushes and puppet Olmerts. Tomorrow more vicious puppet Bushes and puppet Olmerts.
Today there are puppet players. Tomorrow more puppet masters.

Today what’s the difference? Tomorrow any cause for celebrations?

All things other than Him, suffer three distinct points of times.
Points of before-time, points of in-time, points of after-time.
Birth. Life. Death.

Birth of the dinosaurs. Age of the dinosaurs. Extinction of the dinosaurs.
Birth of the Pharoses. Age of the Pharoses. Extinction of the Pharoses.
Birth of Rothschilds and Churchills. Age of Rothschilds and Churchills. Extinction of Rothschilds and Churchills.

Birth of the platypus. Life of the platypus. Extinction the platypus.

What’s the difference?
There seems to be no permanency.

Perhaps the differences lies in the causes.
Perhaps the causes make life different.

He is Life and He is Cause.
What’s the difference?

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