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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PR's Future?

PAS is keeping away from PKR. The besieged PKR MB of Selangor is getting no help from PAS. PAS now knows that PR has a tripped time bomb among its skeletons in its closet. Somebody in your family is eying your seat laa Khalid. Get out of there PAS. Before it is too late. 160 from Ibol Perak had just showed the way.

Anuar is busy patching his sinking ship. He is running halter-skelter between Hadi and Guan Eng. Damage-control. But the Sarawak PKR is sounding a warning to the ruling BN coalition that it is initiating a siege. Heh heh! Armed with pea-shooters?

BN should field an UMNO candidate for Selambau, Gantang and Lanjan. The Indians voted out MIC last GE. Of late some of them are voting their gods out of their books. Don't listen to IPF or Gerakan. They are not talking straight.

Heh heh. And the donkey voices at Malaysia2day are singing the song that PR is like a football team manned by dwarfs bereft of any hope of winning any match -- er -- unless (dreamily hoping) Ku Li and that outcast Jinxed-Jonah named Zaid Ibrahim join them.

Deyyy. Ya gotta make do with what ya got laaa dey. What's that Nuar Nostra-da-mouse mooching about your joint for. No more magic aaa? Zaid will join ya only if there is prospect of making zzillions just for signing some toilet papers laaa dey.

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Mat Cendana said...

I'm glad many of the people in Pas are *finally* making noise about joining this coalition. I can't see the point of having Pas MB's in three (previously) states but in reality weakening Muslims' position in Malaysia.

Is it that important to Pas; to have our people be MBs and exco members at the expense of this? Dah jadi Gila Glamour sangat ke?

If it's "fighting for Islam", isn't finding ways to narrow the gulf between fellow Muslims in Pas and Umno not important enough?

No, this is not being xenophobic or bigotry, but we Muslims have to have love and concern for our own fellow saudara seagama FIRST... only then will we be able to have genuine and sincere relationships with other religions.

If not, it'll be like what we have now in Pakatan Rakyat: many of the non-Muslims, despite their smiles and apparent "unity", are just waiting with knives behind their backs... for Muslims to be weak enough. And then they will dare "do it".