Satu Bahasa Satu Bangsa Satu Negara

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Now showing
Epic three-way battle
PR Star Theater (In all 5 locations nation wide)

Main Cast
Top stars from
PKR (1 main character + "minnions" of supporters).
DAP ( 3 main characters + all ex-cpm terrorists).
PAS (Not decided yet) – words fly about - that they may opt out – being offered better role by a well known competitor.

Support Cast
Freelance world class actor RPK and c-trooper team.

Sorry dear patrons
All complementary seats canceled.
PR Star Theater – 4 remains (one collapsed – due to fire last weak)

Don’t miss this event of a life time.
Don’t miss the thrill – Gods firing lacer cannons – never miss – never kill anybody.

If three gods fire their cannons at the same time – the whole nation might be turned to ash.

Special feature!
Even if everything is turned into ash – no death, nobody dies – only shit is left all over.
Even then .. good news – EWOxk aliens from Ram-ft Moon of Planet Uranus will do the cleaning up - for free.


KijangMas said...

Ha ha ha, good one Tam.

Don't forget the Sneak Preview before today's Midnight Matinee: Storm in a Teapot.

Hair-Reese D. Freakenstein
Deen Marry-Can
Zolo the CheeNah Bootah

Cameo Appearance by:-
Neese-Ar Ayam Steal D. EmBee

Tam Dalyell said...

Thanks for the tip Tuan KijangMas.

I got hold of a citak rompak copy. It’s a drunken kaki lima free-for-all brawl actually.

That lumbering Hair-Reese D. Freakenstein – every time he let fly a swing – his pants drop. Deen Marry-Can keeps trying to shove the lighted end of his Mexican / Havana cigar into Zolo the CheeNah Bootah’s mouth only to get his butt kicked by Neese Ar Ayam -Steal D. EmBee.

This Neese Ar Ayam -Steal D EmBee character – It seems he is maintaining a government in exile - something like the Tamil Elam or Sri Lanka - at the behest of and financed by Anoo Wak Eeb Frem the Jewish renegade.

Somebody code named Mart C.Pang5 spiked the infamous Teapot. Just for fun it seems.

Apocryphalist said...

I, and right thinking people, wouldn't want to be in the opposite end of Tam Dalyell's satire emanating from his Laser cannons. And trust me folks, this humble-but-pedas personality haven't even begun using his other ammunitions yet.

Truly, a voluble Tam is a bad Tam, to his opponents.


Kembara Politik said...

What! No complementary seat?!

Tam Dalyell said...

Sorry Tuan Kembara Politik. The "Melayu Mudah Kena" syndrome strikes at the eleventh hour. Our theater at Perak Star Boulevard collapsed in a conflagration of static and flame after being struck by lightening. Because of this we do not even have enough seats for paying patrons.

Even HRH The Sultan and his entaurage bring their own stools from the palace ... to watch the drama unfolding in open air.

HRH, rejecting the Payung Iram-Iram Kuning, insisted to sit it out with his subjects.

Daulat Tuanku.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Baghdad Cafe hard feelings guys..