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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Najib’s Rubic Cube

Malaysia is a collector of similes: "crossroads for Malaysian Malaysia," "graveyard of racial politics," “nursery of Ketuanan Rakyat” and the "the house of Ketuanan Umno," to name a few.

It is more accurate, to think of it as a Rubik’s Cube, (a legacy of the previous administration) a most trying puzzle of interconnecting blocks that only works when all blocks fits perfectly.

The challenge for the Najib administration is to figure out how to solve the puzzle in a timeframe rapidly squeezed by events following the disastrous 12th GE and the rapidly approaching the 13th GE, five years down the road.

In evaluating the myth of the strength or weakness of PR or BN the following has to be weighed cautiously:-

1) At first glance, him taking over from Abdullah (the 5th PM) seems to be received with divided open hands of the populace.

2) At another glance, the building blocks of his coming “house” inherits some of the contamination intrinsic of the previous administration.

3) It is also seen that the return of Tun Mahathir shall strengthen his hands.

4) The outcome of the three by-elections of Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai will “pressure” him to pick and choose his correct bricks-to-build-his-house so as to institute a “drastic” departure from whatever contamination inherited.

5) He has to consider returning sesuatu kawasan pilihan raya yang sudahkan dihadiahkan kepada komponen lain dalam BN, kepada kaum majority di kawasan berkenaan.

6) Perasaan hati orang Melayu mesti dijaga. Melayu yang senyap mesti ada pembela. Melayu submissive dan permissive (majority Melayu) tak pandai nak demand itu nak demand ini .. tapi sekarang dah pandai menggunakan hak mereka .. dalam pilihan raya ... dengan mudah akan memberikan undi mereka kepada orang lain kalau mereka merasa diabaikan ... kerana ketaatan mereka bukan lagi kepada parti dan perjuangan semata-mata.

7) Kemunkinan bukan Melayu yang tidak menyokong BN pada PRU 2008, tidak munkin kembali kepada BN lagi.

Najib’s Gambit

Berani membentuk kabinet yang bersih dari contamination dan pollution.

In the words of Tun Mahathir, "Tanda-tanda ini akan diperlihat apabila beliau menubuh Kabinetnya pada 8 April, iaitu esok. Walaupun Abdullah tidak lagi memimpin UMNO, jika ternampak kuasanya keatas UMNO masih ada, saya akan anggap syarat saya tidak dipenuhi."
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The brand that sells and the ones that lose out....


Anonymous said...

Saudara Dal,

A good analysis.

I must agree that the non-Malay factor that crossed over to support Pakatan in the last general elections are a lost cause. Najib cannot count on their support or return.

What can be done is for Umno to build on what it had originaly started out as in 1946, a champion of the Malays for the Malays. That is easier said than done though.

Th contaminants within Umno, left over from the immediate past administration, need to be weeded out without haste. Justice must be done and seen to be done in Umno to first united the Malays within Umno first, which very much needs to close it's ranks. This is particularly evidentin the Youth wing as well as the spill overs into the Supreme Council.

If and when these contaminants are purged out of Umno can they then focus on recapturing the much crucial Malay votes that have split into so many groups.

Within Umno itself there are at least 3:
1. The all-weather Umno loyalists
2. The Pro-Dr.M loyalists
3. The pro-KJ Umno members, estranged from the rest of the party

Only after decontaminating Umno and closing ranks among the 3 above can a united Umno venture out to regain the trust of the Malays outside Umno who are either:
1. Fence-sitters
2. Anwaristas (a lost cause and not likely worthwhile effort)
3. The Pas Malays (also a not worthwhile effort)

As for the Chinese support, the typical Chinese support, it stems from performance. Their alligiance comes from the prospects of prosperity. They now support Pakatan because they see gain there for their kind. 999 years land leases, a promise of a Singapore styled Malaysian Malaysia bertopengkan Ketuanan Rakyat. In a nutshell, they are racists but take calculated risks. If Najib performs in his administration then these chauvinist types will return to support BN not out of loyalty but out of necessity.

The new rejuvenated Umno and BN must identify who their friends are, who their acquaintences are, who their partners are and who their associates are. No more can allies be treated as partners. No point sharing too much of a cake with fair-weather-only friends. They must know their place.

It is a lot of work but not impossible to achieve. But it all starts from within. The clean-up is crucial and the much awaited new cabinet line-up is just the right indicator, for starters, as to how sincere are the efforts of our leaders in cleaning things up.

I await with much anticipation and hope.

Dal said...

Sir, your comment outshines the original "post". It should be made into a post by itself.

What I did was just to sketch out a bare skeleton. You came and just make it whole as much as the bare skeleton can sustain.

If I had known that, I would have done more. Anyway, we definitely would like to hear more.

Thank you.

Kembara Politik said...

Salam Pakcik Dal & Sdr Melayu Lama,

Pakcik Dal wrote:
"7) Kemunkinan bukan Melayu yang tidak menyokong BN pada PRU 2008, tidak munkin kembali kepada BN lagi."

100% positive.So, why should we bother them? UMNO perlu kembali kepada asal. Jika DAP mendapat undi kaum Cina yang solid (it is said nearly 90% in Bkt Gantang)hasil komoditi tanah untuk raih undi, mengapa tidak UMNO menggunakan komoditi tanah untuk raih sokongan padu MELAYU? Najib perlu mengambil pendekatan Tun Razak (contohnya pemberian tanah kepada Melayu melalui FELDA). Beri biasiswa kepada semua Bumiputra contohnya. Why not?

Melayu Lama wrote:
"What can be done is for Umno to build on what it had originaly started out as in 1946, a champion of the Malays for the Malays."

Exactly Sir!

Dal said...

Precisely the point Sdr Kembara Politik.

To do that, we must get the Malays of PAS to realize what DAP is doing to them.

We can start to get them to read Demi Negara or Reflection: Melayu Lama.

Incidentally Melayu Lama's latest post is a very good beginning here:
The brand that sells and the ones that lose out....

Kembara Politik said...

Pakcik Dal,
Yes Uncle. A must read article by Melayu Lama. An excellent one!

Anonymous said...

Pakcik Dal,

I went to Melayu Lama's place and I read what he wrote ... kudos to him....He has a great insight on the present situation in M'sia..Melayu Lama is of the same league as KijangMas, Jebatmustdie and Sakmongkol.

Me too, I recommend everyone to go to Melayu Lama's blog .....

Dal said...

Pn Zazaland;

Benar. Jarang kita dapati pejuang berkaliber sedemikian.

Apabila terjumpa, selayaknyalah kita buka ruang luas-luas supaya minda mereka dikongsi oleh seberapa ramai kawan dan lawan.

Jeffry said...


Dal said...

Salam teman, penulisan Sdr Jeff pun tak kurang sengatnya. Itulaaa saya jadi ketagih kesana.

Mana yang jadi peluru berbisa, saya suka menyebarkannya. Mana tau dia jadi benih fikiran yang berguna.

Anonymous said...


I find that not many Malays want to talk about money politics and corruption. I often wonder why.

Don't you think that those two (one, if you accept money politics as corruption - UMNO flip plops on that) have caused a terrible damage on the Malays. The others have less respect for the Malays, questioned Malay rights etc and support the opposition largely because of those two issues?

I think we should talk as much and as loudly as we can about them until UMNO changes its nomination and voting system and MACC prefer charges on the major corruption culprits.

Dal said...

An idea, yea a line of thought .. no line of action adopted by almost everybody, my dear Mr. Anon of Sat Apr 11, 07:36:00 PM 2009. At best it makes boring reading.

Talking about the evil of drug abuse does none more than just talking. In the end everyone talks themselves silly, and the evil persists to exist.

Thank you for your contribution all the same, but we prefer to either get rid of the drug or the drug abuser himself or modify the stage.

Why bother talk to induce them to change?

Change them.