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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sekedar Bertanya

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
on April 21, 2009 8:17 AM

1. The Western Press launched a concerted effort to demonise the new Prime Minister. From France to Britain to Australia, the articles are identical and carried the same message. The in-coming PM is said to be corrupt and involved in a murder case. The Australian writer says Malaysia is a "pariah" nation. I cannot believe that this demonisation by so many at the same time is a coincidence.

2. Included in the condemnation of the new PM is the allegation that he would bring back "Mahathirism". By this the Western press seem to imply that the fourth PM was a dictator who detained for no reason, manipulated the judiciary, controlled the Press etc etc.

3. As the person concerned I will leave it to Malaysians to judge and to define "Mahathirism". They are the constituents which Najib should care about. The foreign press has an agenda of their own. And their friends in Malaysia are feeding them with the anti-Najib stories as they fear Najib would put a stop to their control of the media.

4. Najib can expect to hear more of this kind of demonisation from the foreign press but it is what Malaysians think that counts. It is with them that Najib has to clear his name.


Salam Alaykum.
Mari kita amat-amati gambaran yang Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad lakarkan melalui empat perenggan tulisan beliau denagn soalan-soalan mudah; umpamanya:-

1) PM Malaysia ini ada musuh tak dalam negeri sendiri?

2) Kalau ada siapa? Apa dia/mereka mahu?

3) Siapa, rakyat Malaysia yang mendapat manfaat dari kerja surat khabar asing ini?

4) Apa manfaat yang mereka dapat, kalau ada?

5) Sasaran serangan sebegini, adakah terhenti pada serangan peribadi sahaja atau bagaimana?

6) Rakyat yang “pro DSN” patutkah mempertahankannya dan negaranya?

7) Rakyat yang “anti DSN” perlukah seperti rakyat “pro DSN” juga?

8) Bagaimanakah sepatutnya layanan yang diberikan oleh agensi-agensi kerajaan kita, umpamanya Kementerian Penerangan, KDN, dll. kepada rakyat Malaysia yang bertindak bagi pihak kuasa luar samada melalui perkataan atau perbuatan mereka?

9) Siapa pencetus istilah "Mahathirism", dan apa tujuan si pencetus ini?

10) Kalau mereka yang anti-Mahathir anti-Najib memberi istilah demikian dan bertujuan demikian, apa pula tafsiran mereka yang "pro-Mahathir" "pro-Najib"?

11) Bagaimana pendirian ini, “Hujan emas negeri orang, hujan lembing negeri sendiri, baik lagi negeri sendiri.”

12) Di negeri sendiri sekarang ini hujan emas atau hujan lembing?


Anonymous said...

Hendak tengok contoh apa itu Ketuanan Rakyat atau Malaysian Malaysia? Lihat ini:

Anonymous said...

No 13) Kenapa DSN nampaknya tak indahkan TDM?

Baca komen Dato' Bendahara di Rocky Bru yg saya salinkan di bawah...

"Dato' Bendahara said...

Lets not focus on the Pakatan BS. They're all BShitter, we all know.

As for Najib.

Tun Abdul Razak was the pioneer to the NEP. Najib abolished the Malay Development Ministries just when everyone was not looking, WTF?

I hope the news reports on him going to Iskandar proclaiming that the project will go on is not true. Part of the Iskandar project is disgusting.

I think Najib just has too much baggage, and he can't do anything, as Omar Mustapha Ong has his balls hidden in a vault in Ethos Consulting.

I hope Tun M and UMNO can put an end to this BS. Don't let them destroy Tun Abdul Razak's legacy.

Tun Mahathir had to beg and plead to Najib not to pick Khairy as a cabinet minister, Tun M is begging and pleading to Najib right now to proceed with the crooked bridge. This are all obvious policy decisions, what about the ones which we can't see, what is exactly going on in Najib's office?

That is not the right way to treat an elderly statesman. So, for the next 5 years or so, Tun M, UMNO and Malaysians will need to continue to beg to Najib for everything? I can't bear this BS anymore.

End this BS, please for haven sakes."
Dipetik dari:

Anonymous said...

Ini diamik dari komen u kat:

"Dan kalau dibaca tanda-tanda at ground zero, pewaris Pak Lah masih menyusukan kera di hutan lagi."

Di sana U macam anti-DSN. Di sini tebalik. Cuba ayat sikit. Jangan main sorok-sorok.