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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Round Two Over; Both Sides Claim Hits; Judges Maintain Deafening Silence; And The KJ Gambit.

Ketuanan Rakyat alias Malaysian Malaysia is alive and kicking. It punished the BN by grabbing four victories out of five by-elections.

Ketuanan Rakyat means to decentralize the Malays. Ketuanan Melayu means to share. Five decades of harmony comes from sharing. Ketuanan Rakyat means to destroy all that. Ketuanan Melayu means to keep the Malays to not get sidelined; to perpetuate Malaysia in its usual sharing mode.

The PR sees the MCA, MIC and Gerakan, (and other non-Malay component parties), as the consistent and continued non-Malay support for the Malays. It is seen as the outside factor perpetrating the Ketuanan Melayu of UMNO. PR’s Ketuanan Rakyat must destroy them.

UMNO is PR’s Ketuanan Rakyat only stumbling block. The PR needs to break this. Malaysian Malaysia was their first tool. Singapore was their first successful guinea pig. The 2008 GE was their second guinea pig. The Ketuanan Rakyat is their second tool. It is a mean to achieve an end. Penang is that other end. Can UMNO still stand as Ketuanan Rakyat’s stumbling block?

It seems that this block is not much of an unmovable object. It is contaminated and polluted by remnants of the previous governing elite who are emulating actively the Anuar gambit. See here. This pollutant must be removed. This contaminant must be purged. Is the elite of the present unstoppable force (be it outside or inside the governing machinery) determined enough to do it?

If it is done, there is nothing to stop voters from returning to BN. The PR feels these voters won’t return. What if the BN manages to stabilize the economy? What if the BN creates some semblance of unity? What if UMNO/BN succeeds in purging itself of contaminants? What if post Nik Aziz PAS joins BN? What if more Malays abandons PKR and PAS? What if MCA, Gerakan and MIC manage to woo more non-Malays into BN?

What is the probability and possibility of any or all of these transpiring? Under the new PMship the probability is at least 66.6%.

Whatever happens, the PR has to create a true alternative vision for Malaysians to unite under them. PR can whistle for it. PR is rotting from inside.

The Malaysian Malaysia aura which landed them Singapore is let to fade away to reincarnate itself into Ketuanan Rakyat.

This we have to lay it comatose in an iron coffin whose initial nail is hammered in by JMD’s Discussing Malaysian democracy. Read it here:

This has add pressure on Khalid and Pakatan's Selangor state government. Backstage news is rife saying that yet another PKR state assemblyman, this time from Pelabuhan Kelang may quit the party to join Umno. It also add salt to the still bleeding fatal wounds of the Perak saga which already brewed ill-feelings among PAS grassroots leaders, the PKR and DAP. The Penang PR is not spared its share of tremors and earthquakes, mismanagements and scandalous conducts.

In the two rounds of encounter in the ring, both the BN and PR have suffered knocks and bruises. Time will tell which one has more staying power. The chess board suggests a pawn-promotional end game. Or can DSN execute a checkmate during the middle game?

***************************UPDATE @8.00 pm Apr 14th 2009

Read about Malay right under attack by Sepadu April 14, 2009 10:18 AM at Demi Negara here:

*********************** UPDATE 2

Baca juga penulisan menarik ini mengenai Singapura dan kita di sini:

7 comments: said...


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Anonymous said...

Salam Saudara Dal,

I laugh at how Pakatan potrays itself as the champion of meritocracy the so-called essence of ketuanan rakyat that supposedly look beyond race and religion.

If that be so then why must the Deputy Chief Minister I post go to a Malay from Pkr? Why not another Chinese or Indian from Pkr. If their formula of power sharing looks beyond race then why a Malay?

It is because the Dap needs Malays to make their Malaysian Malaysia bertopengkan Ketuanan Rakyat to work. By reserving the DCM I post for a Malay they are softening up the Malays. Making Malays believe that there is a place for us Malays in their administration.

Pure hogwash! No Malay will ever flourish in a Dap administration. Mere puppets and nothing more. A means to an end.

Their insistance that a Malay from Pkr occupy the DCM I post in Penang is testament enough to their racism. I dare challenge them to put a non-Malay to fill the post. Dare they? They need Malay voting power to achieve their dream of bossing us around.

If the Malays of Pas and Pkr cannot see it now then I don't know what will. We have seen puppets in Perak and that is still not enough to show them the light. Now it is in Penang and chances are they will still refuse to see.

Umno's hope of getting it's act together lies with the Malay loyalists of Umno, the one's that left because of Pak Lah and KJ and the fence sitters. Woo them back and there will be light.

As for the Chinese, they will go with what gives them the best. Necessity rather than loyalty. If support for BN is the only way to prosper then believe me they will come back. Crawling if necessary.

The Malays of Pkr don't seem to realize that the friendly-ness and giving nature (DCM I post) are only sweets. They should see by now that if BN's power sharing is considered racist then Lim Guan Eng's act of offering a DCM I post (puppet) is no different and in fact worse. Even before, with Gerakan at the helm they (Gerakan) had to toe the line knowing who the boss was. With Dap and it's 'equal value' status in Pakatan, it will not think twice about sidelining the Malays and nothing even Anwar can do about it.

Malays need to see the bigger picture....

Anonymous said...

see what is wenger's response

Dal said...

Anon of Tue Apr 14, 09:29:00 PM 2009;

The good man sums himself up only as a "petualang?". He should do himself more justice.

He's that, and much much more.

Dal said...

Salam Tuan Melayu Lama

“As for the Chinese, they will go with what gives them the best. Necessity rather than loyalty. If support for BN is the only way to prosper then believe me they will come back. Crawling if necessary.”

This is ominous. Such traits are not worthy of trust. Their recent actions seems to say so, to prove so. PAS seems not to realize it. Perhaps they should read DAP’s (and its kind's) actions more rather than only listening to their words and promises. Read their actions (from pre-Singapore PAP to the present Penang DAP) and look for meanings in between lines.

But Islam teaches to be trustful. And PAS is very much Islam I suppose. Hence we cannot hope that they will see through DAP ... until it's too late.

Thank you again for dropping in … and leaving a most insightful read.

Sorry I'm unable to respond more .. your comment somewhat triggers a sort of chain reactions in my mind .. am having a bout of minor flu right now.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Dal,

It must be the weather. Sekejap hujan sekejap panas, a sure recipe for flu.

Have a good rest and don't forget to consume lots of liquids.


Anonymous said...

an excellent post saudara Dal...

hopefully many will see thru the games played out by DAP. as you know even in Selangor, all PKR and PAS excos are under the thumb of DAP.

the water discussion between syabas and the state are all being outsourced to DAP excos. They are the players in Selangor. Power sharing? DAP do not recognise power sharing.