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Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Malaysia and Ketuanan Rakyat.

One Malaysia and Ketuanan Rakyat.

Ketuanan Rakyat paddles their brand of Bangsa Malaysia. Its philosophy is deeply grounded in “we want this we want that .. you (BN) cannot do this, you cannot do that, this is my way, this is the right way .. your way is unacceptable”.

They want EPF, Petronas, ValueCap, DanaHarta etc etc wtc to be handed over to the rakyat ... meaning Ketuanan Rakyat.

All the while, their way that they impose on us breeds unrest, disruption and disjointed society.

All the while, their wrangling (among themselves) breeds infighting for power and wealth, scandals and intrigues causing ferment and decay from within their ranks and organization.

They can’t even manage their breakfast tables .. would we trust them with our nation?

Ketuanan Rakyat is the mother of all mobs .. is a disjointed virulent anarchy-assembly-line controlled my a Malay Murtad Madman who in return is controlled by an alien power, based away from our shores.

Ask the DAP about it .. then believe what they claim otherwise .. believe everything except what they utter.

Meaning .. Ketuanan Rakyat is owned by offshore aliens. You can feel what they are doing .. what they have done .. controlling only 5 states .. but spreading havock and deep fermentation throughout all the 13 states.

They demand for the end of the so called “Ketuanan Umno/BN”. The BN/UMNO says, “ ... yea .. if you have something better ..”

They have none .. except hatred .. they colour evering with hatred .. the good becomes bad .. the beautiful becomes ugly .. the bad becomes rotten .. love become hate .. they have the pseudo-Midas touch .. whatever they touch turns cold, frigid, putrid, noxious, vile rancorous poison.

Whoever so much as looks at these Pakatan Rakyat Gorgons is turned into snakes.

Those calon bebas jokers of Selambau ... what do they stand for? For Ketuanan Rakyat .. for themselves. They are the by-products of mother of all snakes PR and mother of Greek legend Gorgons-the-serpant-with-human-head PKR.

Now they claim that the rakyat (meaning ketuanan rakyat) build this nation. Not this party, nor that party. They stress that no party is responsible. Only rakyat.

We say, what is rakyat without a head? You find any sensibly governed nation of this world without a figure head?

They say this and claim that. All for a notorious reason.

They want to rub off any norm of figureheads of governance. They imply that ketuanan rakyat is enough. Yea .. enough as a shady interpretation of power-in-the-hands-of-all-rakyat .. no need for a figurehead. The gullibles swallowed hook line and sinker.

In reality, that so called power-in-the-hands-of-all-rakyat .. no need for a figurehead IS A MOB. They want a mob to rule our nation.

That is Ketuanan Rakyat. And this faceless (not so faceless actually, for we know who they are) manufacturer of “ketuanan rakyat” will lurk in shadows, remotely controlling selected few most daring and vocal gila-babi-membabi-buta hardcore mobsters, who in turn lead and control the mindless mob.

Yes, Ketuanan Rakyat is mob rule. The supreme figurehead is “hidden” within DAP, who controls several Melayu Murtads nurturing sidekicks makkal sakti hindrafs mobsters and PKR who helped stiched together a rancorous PR, which shall eventually crumble down like so much sand castles overwhelmed by beach squalls initiated by the architect and builders of One Malaysia.

Political parties like Gerakan, MIC and MCA, indeed all BN component parties should stage a comeback to star brightly in the Malaysian radar this time.

Let not PKR and DAP speaks for the people and we’ll see that PAS is back with BN for good, for Malaysia, for One Malaysia.

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