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Friday, December 25, 2009

Are We To Allow Our Dream Replaced By Nightmare?

The grievance against the chauvanistic, kiasu, extremist, anti-Malay DAP appears to be the issue that it, like the CPM, is lauincing a strugle against the Malaysian Morarchy, the Malay citizenries and the Government.

How do this subversive DAP survive?

It takes its que from RPK, a Ketuanan Melayu has been who now is pining over his lost treasures as a skinned sour-grape-fox would. DAP survives on chaos; by breeding discontent, by being seditious,by stoking fear and distrust, by disinformation programmes, by encouraging uncertainties, by playing up sensitive issues, by instigating one against another, by showing and acting contemptuously against the Monarchy, the Malays, Islam and the Constitution. It is taking advantage of the perceived liberals mode of the Government.

It seems that the Government is at a loss as to how to contain this national manace. So far DAP have carried out their provocative social-disruption programmes and its war of attrition just at the outskirt "borders of the law" and they managed to outmanoeuvre the security aparatus of the land. Malaysians are very much alarmed by this developement. This further encouraged them.

Possibly their foreign strategists and hoardes of advisor-lawyers are much responsible for this. This rogue legalised communist entity so succesfully mobilised the public openion to bedevil all enforcement arms of the security forces, especially the ISA, PDRM and Anti Corruption Agency that they seem hasitant and ineffective in the discharge of their duties. They employ all underhanded tactics, from bending the law to dwelling on outright lies.

This rogue splinter body of PAP has to go. And soon. It's either it or Malaysia.

Malaysia is now splintered. The UMNO Malays are split. The MCA Chinese are split. The MIC Indians are split and impotent. The Gerakan is split and impotent. Western and Eastern Malaysians are split. Splintered ready to go. Everybody is fighting everybody. The Malays are fighting the Chinese are fighting the Indians are fighting themselves are fighting the Malays, all in a tight vicious circle. They are made to split, fuled by DAP-propagated-hatred along racial, religeous, community starata and political rifts, imagined or real.

Is the Malaysian Dream ready to go; readying itself to be replaced by this leprerous DAP cancer? Is Malaysian democracy readying itself to be replaced by DAP's Malaysian Socialist Republic? Is beautiful peaceful Malaysia ready to be replaced by anarchic Malaysia? Are we ready to be let loose tied to a stump by a very short leash in a desert?

We say no. DAP must go. It might takes time or otherwise through due process or upheavels. But defenitely peace and security of land and populace must be upheld. The law is there to protect. The arm of this law is there to act. Why wait till the cancer is malignant. Provisions must be doubled for the Malaysian Dream to be realised.