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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Foot That Kicks Up The Dust

I received several emails. Read.

But what exactly behind this Malay vs Malay war? BTN war? Whose hands at work here?

See the trend? Social contract..hak org Melayu.. who kicks up the dust? Who then apologised through the so call liberalisation policies? No less than No. 1 man of the country. Who lost whatever they had before? The Malays. Yes. The no1man is also losing the small pasar malam Malays while not regaining much the big taiko nons.

Ketuanan Melayu? Who made it up? Was it there before? Who started it? Who got the bashing? UMNO? The only political party for the Malays, which crawl to work for/with MCA/MIC etc. What did umno get for it? It got labelled racist. Who eventually at the losing end? The Malays again. The small pisang goreng selling Malays feel terribally let down. Because not of their doing, these small, lazy, tidakapa Malays are now labelled "The Ugly Melayu" by big high-flying Malayus. Try reading the Rantings of MM.

Agama rasmi. This is the kacang putih easy one. PAS, the only ultra Malay hiding behind religion just fell the feet of chingkies. One stroke, they all take beers, mabuk and lost bearing. Depan belakang semua taruk! Who will defend the Agama rasmi then? Of course, the weak apologetic UMNO. Again, which race associated with Islam? The Melayu again. So now. To whom the small, loss, weak, lazy, useless and miskin Melayus look up to? Lembik UMNO man or sap sap soi kacang putih PAS? Rear Admiral?

They even take pot shots and engage trial skirmishes on the Rulers. Today is the EGM of Bar Council. Wonder what the agenda is. Change the Constitutions?

Kenapa diam?

Tunduk lagi?

Kemana Arah Org Melayu?

Ini pemimpin UMNO yg nak diharapkan?

Yesterday they drummed up the hak-hak org Melayu - They won much already with Najib's policies. On-going still, the Ketuanan Melayu - who ever made this up and started it, I wonder. Definitely not org Melayu. Consider about to go - The respect toward the official religion. Latest isu they drummed up - BTN. Remember, PDRM? SPRM? and a few more back then? Satu Sekolah?

Time for Ugly Melayus to know that "Ketuanan Melayu" is nothing but an agenda hatched by DAP and its sidekicks untuk menakluk negara ini tanpa senjata.

Time also to musyahadah Rhino Rin's Munajjat Tawajjuh:

By your Name O Allah, please accord divine assistance to the meek.
By your Name O Allah, please cloud up the ways of DAP the gog and magog of my country.
By your name O Allah, please plug up the conduits of DAP the gog and magog of this land.
By the Name of Allah the god of all Messiahs and Prophets may your deceptions falls on you yourself O DAP the gog and magog of this nation.
By the sovereignty of your most Excelent Names O Allah may DAP the gog and magog of this soil be crippled, disabled or paralyzed.
By the Greatest of Your Names, please stop this DAP, this scourge, these sons of gog and magog.


Dengan nama Allah (Ba Mim Alif) ... dipohonkan bantuan bagi kaum yang (mengaku) kelemahan diri.
Dengan nama Allah (Ba Mim Alif) ... gelap seluruh sudut mu hai DAP Juj Ma'juj Malaysia.
Dengan nama Allah (Ba Mim Alif) ... tersumbat seluruh rongga mu hai DAP Juj Ma'juj Malaysia.
Dengan Nama Tuhan bagi sekelian Nabi dan Rasul a.s.w.s.; perdaya dirimu hai DAP Juj Ma'juj Malaysia.
Demi keagungan Asma-u-lhusna Mu, Engkau lumpuhkanlah DAP Juj Ma'juj Malaysia.
Dengan haq Ismul 'Adzam Semuga Allah sekat segala jalan DAP Juj Ma'juj Malaysia.