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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That Which Clutters The Mind

Credits must be given where it is due. Hence disrepute too has to be accorded when earned.

Dato' Anuar may be a good finance minister or thinker. And was acclaimed as such. But his principle was not sound and its application was faulty.
Tun Mahathir may be an untrained minister of finance or thinker and never was awarded such eulogy. But his principle was soberly logical and its application sharp and wholesome.
The bottom line was, the best of Dato' Anuar simply do not measure up to the worst of Tun Mahathir. No. Not even up to Tun Mahathir's knee.

People have been made agitated to, to so much of the evil and disrepute of BN. At the same time, nobody can deny the contribution made by BN in bringing up Malaysia from a scrawny skinny girl to a beautiful voluptious virgin that she is now.
People have also been preached to, to the virtues of PR. At the same time nobody can deny that up to now, people are still waiting for meaningful contributions made by PR to this beautiful Malaysia.
All in all, "virtuous" PR still can't measure up to "evil" BN. Not even up to BN's ankle.

PAS have rejected even to share the same tea-table with UMNO, saying that UMNO is unislamic. But PAS qualifying the DAP as (Qur-an 9:28) - "innama almushrikoona najasun" that the DAP are najis, bedded with them. UMNO could easily claim that PAS does not act what its preaches. PAS chose to conveniently let its followers left in blissful confusion.

Great expectations are piled up upon the PM's shoulders. He has to make good the damages done by the last PM. What happened to the Wawasan 2020? Is he dismantling his late father's legacy. It seems that "rakyat didahulukan" means those who demand are prefered; and those who pleaded are withdrawn or rejected. When "pencapaian didahulukan" means meritrocracy, with how much sly will he impliment or manipulate.

When transparency seems the order of the day, 1Malaysia needs a lot of convincing. Yes. Do help clear up that which clutters the minds of the subjects.