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Friday, December 18, 2009

Selected Short Light Paragraphs From The In-Box

1) A few made this observation:-
Personally, I still have a bit more sokongan toward Najib, say 5%? He is the play safe c****m guy (sorry Pahang people). Remember the KuLi vs Mahathir era? Was told that his last minute swing (people already mengadap Sultan Kelantan that Ku Li was to be the next PM) saved Tun M.

2) 2 or 3 believe this:-
I would prefer Muhyiddin to take over, but time is too short for next PRU to do anything drastic. BN may still lose on the next PRU. And the way Najib is handling things, he will just turn away many Malay voters. Half of MCA/Gerakan will still quietly gang up together with their other chinese counterparts in DAP & PKR.

3) One voice is so sure of this:-
UMNO will lose (the only Malay party which in turning chinese under Najib). PAS's joy will be shortlived before they were dumped out very soon after PRU (i.e. making it not in the mainstream of country management - they'll be made busy wilh religous portfolio & kebajikan masyarakat). Melayu will soon realise that they have no longer a strong party with the death of UMNO. It will take a bit of time for PAS to get together with the three-quarter dead UMNO (if not a ghost party by then) to relive Semenanjung Tanah Melayu again. Otherwise, it will become Malaysian Malaysia like Singapore.

Next, either you'll become a Melayu totok or just subscribe to Malaysian Malaysia. If there isn't anything significant happenning before Tun M leaves us, then ... I'm sorry... sorry... Maybe RAHMAN theory will come afterall.

It is time for the Malays in Bebas/UMNO/PAS/PKR to get together. If at all necessary for Semenanjung Tanah Melayu to become a Malay country again, why not?

3a) When somebody seriously sugested that he fields himself as an independent, he said he will take the rostrum to deliver this:-

Independent? he..he..he.. I was offered to take over the post of tok garu .... in Kota Bharu, ..... bertalu-talu, ..... sampai lidah kelu, ..... bibir naik biru. Nantilah, kena fikir dulu .... dgn tok penghulu, .... tak boleh melulu ..... nanti haru-biru. ..... Susah nanti nak sapu........

4) One cinapek analyst stopped him short: -

Aiiyyaah, this Nazli cud be part of the gland agenda. Tintu ths gland agenda objective mau kasi oblitelate UMNO and olang Melayu took the blunt in the plocess. Seems issues have been blought up systematically, one by one started by DAP, and the so-called libelalised minded people, followed by BN's component members and now Nazli gang (Zahid Hamidi, KJ and how many more?). UMNO seems to be alone now with a few of their die-hard supporters.

See.. it isn't just DAP now. Not just Anwal Iblahim of PKR. Gerakan & MCA seems to have joint the forces. Now, people within UMNO itself started to bark. Also curious whether Najib is playing wayang in Nazri's mulut celupar. Timid person like Najib (the play safe d***x guy) can easily succumb to thleats. After happy birthday in JMD's blog, Rosmah is off to oversea for a 600K shopping spree? (See Susan loone's blog)

I think the two celebrity gleatest loser would be Najib & Anwar Ibrlahim. The fate of the "Malay" people will just hang dihujung tanduk.

UMNO? Najib forgot he got another hat to wear, the UMNO's hat which has Keris displayed. Najib keep wearing 1-Malaysia hat all the time, senget with limau Mandarin image and all. UMNO is for Malay, so vely lacist. MCA for Chinese not lacist. Gelakan and DAP for Chinese.Not lacist. MIC and Hindlaf for Indians. Not lacist. Thlow in KJ, Nazli, Zahid Hamidi too in UMNO. So?

5) One last quite voice whispered:-

MCA? The long unsolved huha cud very well be part of the agenda too, to look innocent, to cover the PFKZ scandal. Where is timid Najib as BN tai kor? not a decisive word? d**** again?

MIC? Tai Kor is keeping quiet. Tai Kor is not letting go. The image potrayed is, without Tai Kor, MIC will be like a baby without mother.

So that's the 3 big guns in BN.

Oh! forgot about PAS. Take beers! Hallelujjah! They are too drunk to discuss anything with.

The Malays must work for the the unity between UMNO & PAS, the very least.