Satu Bahasa Satu Bangsa Satu Negara

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Made By Abdullah And Najib Punching Bags

The puasa month started with a cool first week. But it's defenitely getting hotter by the day. We take refuge in Allah.

For .......

The Malays are made to face so much social problems now. Part of it is no thanks to the Melayu Liberals or Melayu celups. The saddest part is that these lanuns are still not satisfied with his amassed billions in loot and still trying to stir up racial hatred and distrust among multi racial Malaysians.

The Chinese are now claiming that this is Barr Chin (Tanah Cina). It seems that since Abdullah Badawi's time till now the Chinese, all of them, are having a gala time insulting the Malays. They claim that Tanah Melayu is Barr Chin. They demand that the Malay Rights should eradicated. They assert that the 30% allocation is not right. They insist the that vernacular schools are good for intergration and the right path to take. They argue that the Malays should open up further. They now now brazenly support the communists to abolish the Raja-Raja etc etc etc.

Shall the likes of Soi Lek or Kit Siang be given more grounds? They have ceased to be our brothers. It can be said that they have overstayed their welcome. Their Malay cohorts have contaminated our religion practises. Their malicious, chauvanistic and racist antics have made the future of Malaysian intergration uncertain. And now they endevour to blot out the National Language by stressing the use of only their mother tougues and English in their official functions.

Mana pemimpin Melayu yang digaji semua? Adaaaa. Kan semua sedang berpuasa. Some of them are collecting all these insults for their buka puasa. Some others are waiting at Soi Lek's table. Yet others are the object of Kit Siang's envy. The Malay subjects are waiting with their yet to be posted SMS, "Bila Tok nak adakan rumah terbuka?"