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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of Coy Glances And Shy Smiles

Malayu is UMNO; and is ‘Bangsa’.
Malayu is PAS; and is ‘Agama’.
Malayu is UMNO is PAS.

When this Bangsa is separated from this Agama, it fails to realize its full potential.. THE MAXIMUM GOOD OF ITSELF FOR BANGSA MALAYSIA.

That is Ketuanan Melayu for all; joining hands with all Bangsa to build a Bangsa Malaysia based on kemelayuan. No other bangsa can fulfill this struggle alone.

Look at PAP in Singapore or PAS in Perak or PKR in Selangor or DAP in Penang. They all say being multiracial. Talking is very different from doing.

The PR ‘strategist’ sees this natural PASUMNO indivisiveness and this potential. If this indivisible potential is realized, it spells doomsday for all these ricists-chauvevist-kiasus-communists.

To survive they are forced to surface as anti-Malay anti-Islam ... bringing their clandestine warfare against the Malay into the open.

To survive they must rope PAS in. As an opening strategy, the younger ones offers to ‘softens’ their stand vis-a-vis PAS’ Islamic State struggle ... to the ire of oldguards like Karpal Singh.

Thus a wedge is driven into the indivisible Malay. Now their finishing move is to destroy UMNO. One way is to relentlessly attack anything connected to the Malays ... kris, songkok, Sekolah Kebangsaan, DEB, Najib, Tun ... anything.

The Malay penderhakas in PKR and DAP rightly belongs to Bujang Senang of Sungai Rejang Sarawak.

The Malay race is an endangered species. 2000 years ago the Malay Archipelago straddles the whole of South East Asia. Today Kemboja is gone. Some parts becomes Thailand or Filipina. Indonesia and Malaysia has recently lost one limb or another.

PASUMNO is the last surviving Malay, the younger generation of which are exchanging coy glances and shy smiles. Should arrange more valentine days for them.

Assisted by the antics of the deceitful anti-Malay anti-Islam elements within the society, the time is accelerating fast for the realization of the closing of THE GAPS ... the coming together for the MAXIMUM GOOD FOR THE MALAYS SHARED BY ALL BANGSA MALAYSIA.

Assisted by the correctly deliberated hands-on approach and approved societal-centered actions or inaction by Najib, the much awaited changes would result in the accelerated restructuring towards yet another MAXIMUM GOOD FOR ALL BANGSA MALAYSIA.

But of course, Najib should be of such strength that, he would / should not budge from his seats even if the mountains are blown away from their bases due to any upheavals. Absolutely no other option is opened for him.

PKR aspires to be the backbone of PR but is progressively proven not a good alternative. It is just a compendium of empty wallets that has failed miserably to deliver its promises. Voting patterns will revert to before 2008.


Kembara Politik said...

Dear Tuan Dal,

"One way is to relentlessly attack anything connected to the Malays ... kris, songkok, Sekolah Kebangsaan, DEB, Najib, Tun ... anything".

Very true Sir.

Worst case scenario:
No more keris waving. All politicians so afraid and they decided to replace the keris with something more Malaysian (not Malay - it's rasist to relate with Malay as they claimed). Tanglong perhaps. And Pemuda UMNO will do the "Tanglong Waving"...errmmm can't imagine that :)

Kembara Politik said...

Dear Dal,

"Voting pattern will revert to before 2008."

Agreed! No objection Sir. Do we have any?

Dal said...

Dear Kembara Politik;

They cannot, they dare not just rub out the Malays or his Rajas with just one swipe of their blackboard duster.

The Malayan Union saga was too bitter a lesson for them - today for their proxies.

So they embark on a war of attrition. First they attack all the paraphernalia, and the fixtures-and-fittings of the Malays. Strip the Malays bare. Turn the Malays into plucked chicken etc etc ...

Kris is Malay. Malay is kris. It has been so for thousands of years.

When a Malay pahlawan kisses a kris (in reality he kisses his own bangsa, a pledge to uphold the honour of his bangsa) the anti-Malay subversive elements paints an ugly picture to suit their struggle.

A clueless "bapa keterbukaan" (konon) instructed that perwira to apologize.

That was the beginning of this "bapa's" end; for he was sorry for being a keris, for being born a Melayu.

Let us prey that he dare not stay after March 2009.

Kembara Politik said...

Dear Dal,

Yes, they try very hard to make us weak by attacking continuously. Hmmm...A War of Attrition!

Yeah, let us pray. Ameen.

sang kancil said...

you know why other people 'buli' the malay and all it have? i think because they know we are too weak in sense of economic, knowledge, resources and of course now politic. they though we need them to acomplice with all these.

Dal said...

Alhamdulillah.. baru muncuk Sang Kancil ni. Apa la ngko Kancil ... mana pegi .. lama tak nampak..

Kita perlu bantuan ni ... nak bantai si anti-Malayu anti-Islam yang sekarang berani kutuk-kutuk raja-raja Melayu pula.

Kita perlu otak licik Sang Kancil nak matikan tipu helah si talam dua muka dalam DAP dan PKR tu.

Jangan pegi lama-lama ..
Jangan tunggu lama-lama ..
Nanti diambil orang ..

Ayoh nyanyi ramai-ramai.