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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Actions We Believe, Your Words We Doubt

PR already has a disunited motley collection of misfits and rogue activists and misguided ngos bent on disrupting any forms of law and order adept at spinning and spreading chaos and discord aimed at anything even remotely connected to the Malays and Islam.

PR is as united as any pack of carrion vultures after a decomposing putrid carcass untouchable even to the lowliest of any self-respecting deprived beetle dung.

PR is viscously fated and fitted with coloured lenses through which it sees anything that is right as wrong, anything ugly as beautiful, right as their divine monopoly and wrong as the natural cosmetics of others.

Some well meaning Malays are unwittingly dragged into their conniving lustful base cannibalistic subterfuge.

To these ‘willing’ victims we say,
“Get out of this all-pervasive bottomless whirlpool. You deserve more ... a more deserving struggle for ourselves, our bangsa, our negara and our agama. Do justice to the pangs of pain suffered by our dear mothers while giving birth to us. We are not just a two-cents single-ply tissue paper used to clean the messy noses of the likes of Anuar(s) or Siva(s) or Ngeh(s)-Nga(s) or whoever and whatever up there driving our lives.”

But of course nobody can do anything against any devil which by nature derive immense satisfaction from the sufferings of others resulting from the natural sadistic impulse intrinsic of any live devil.

At best, they (PKR especially) are just former disgruntled leaders from UMNO, MCA, MIC or any of the component parties of BN .. each with many immense personal axe to grind against everybody and everything, at the same time nurturing a list of ulterior motives as long as the shopping list of any festival open houses.

The younger DAP leaders made a claim that they are more amenable to PAS’ Islamic ideology and the creation of an Islamic state. If this is true, let us welcome this ‘apparent change’.

But can we believe them? What we have heard are just words. We chose to believe when we see it – the reality of these words. Your actions we believe, your words we doubt. In the meantime, these words of promises have the effect to soften and to lull, worse still to bring down the alertness of its intended victims – the muslim Malays.

It is just a variation of ‘strategical retreat’ adopted time and again by any seasoned animal of prey. And DAP is just that. Remember Singapore? Penang? Batu Puteh? PAS has swallowed all ... hook line and sinker. Gullible PAS. Innocent gunting dalam lipatan.

According to the main planning bodies within PR, PAS is just, by its very nature, “exactly like UMNO. It separates people according to what they profess to believe (not even according to how they act, ...)” The Malay proverb to describe PAS’ position is “bagai telur di hujung tanduk”

PR treats PAS as its arch enemy (UMNO) who in turn looks at PAS as an innocent gunting dalam lipatan.


Anonymous said...

CantiK dan indah sunggoh ulasan padat ini.
"U cant improve perfection".
changkat lobak
arjuna waspada.

Mat Cendana said...

Tam Dalyall,
What an excellent post!
Your writing here is superb - it's so tight and forceful. I don't know where you've been learning this but I hope you'll share it with me. Seriously. I'm trying to make a living through writing, and if I have this kind in my arsenal, then I'll be very well-armed to face whatever.

This matter concerning PAS - I've been a hardcore supporter for many years. In fact, I still consider myself as a "Nik Aziz supporter". However, I'm not happy with how the party is going about in PR. So, I'm doing what is right - I'm not against it in the sense that I'll "lawan". However, I'm not going to accept 100% whatever the leadership says. This enmity with Umno in EVERYTHING - it's bad for Malays, Muslims AND ALSO Malaysians.

Dal said...

Macam mana Bang Mat ni. hehe.

Cikgu bertanya kepada murid, "Dari mana dapat ni?"

Dari cikgulah.

Mesti baca banyak lagi tulisan cikgi ni ... mood dia ... suratan dan siratan dia.... macam-macamlah lagi.

Tuan Arjuna Waspada;

Walaupun hanya dua baris, romantis sungguh bunyinya.

Terima kasih.

zazaland said...

Poor PAS, if only they have leaders who are conscientous and not just gullible..... PAS should not swallow everything that is promised by DAP...At the moment they (PAS) are swallowing hook, line and sinker as you said. PAS should understand that the sweet nothings of DAP are just to enhance their agenda. It was like what PAP used long time ago in Singapore. When PAP first started, it used Malay activists to win votes, then after it had got what it wanted, these Malay activists were 'ignored'..The Malay MPs in Singapore today are not chosen by the Singaporean Malays but 'chosen' by PAP, after a few years, they would be asked to retire from being an MP or their Govt portfolio. So, no advancement, nothing for Malay politicians in Singapore..This is a sad case for Singapore Malays. Is this what PAS wants for M'sia? "Habis manis sepah dibuang?" - in their own country..

Kembara Politik said...

Salam Tuan Dal,

I must agree with Mat Cendana’s point of view. Tell you what. An excellent post!

Action speaks louder than words. PAS always stress on words rather than action. That’s why most of their not-so-hardcore supporters disappointed with their leaders. Luckily PAS maintains their hardcore supporters by Wala’ – obey your master(s) even though they did no good at all. Yes, we should obey our master (leaders), but if they did no good, we need to give them some lesson in order to put them back on the right track. Yes, we can advise them but do they really listen to us? Apa terjadi masa Muktamar? The PAS Youth expressed their uneasy feelings – tak suka dengan penyertaan dalam PR yang tidak lantang, terpaksa jaga hati rakan DAP & PKR. But there’s no action taken. But (luckily) they still supporting PAS because of Wala’. Thanks God you have Wala’! If not?

Hehe Tuan Dal, do you know what I did last 'summer' (GE)? I gave my vote to PAS. Because of what? Because of our not-so-strong PM. (But I’m still an UMNO supporter – tapi tak buta-buta menyokong). What can we expect from the flip-flopping till the end PM? Not much.

And I’m totally against Pak Lah’s Dasar Keterbukaan. Apa yang bagus terbuka sekarang ini? Semua terbuka dan terselak tanpa seurat benang pun. Bogel just like Bukit Lanjan. Habis semua dicabar by those stupid moron chauvinists.

On the other hand, PAS never dare (no balls I guess) to take the challenge to be a substitute party for Malays. “Tokse berjuang Melayu, perkaume, assobiyah”. Haha simply said…Jumud! Lagi sedih, PAS did a very good job protecting all those stupid moron chauvists from Hindraf & DAP. Pergi kejar Hindraf to London just to please them and the next day publish the story in Harakah? What for? What an excellent job PAS! Well done PAS! Stick with this kind of 'brilliant' strategy and you will never win our Malays’ hearts. No more I guess (errrr except those Wala' guys...hehehe sorry).

Dal said...

Yes Zaza, the majority of us acts on promises alone. Only a few latches their sight beyond promises and invested parties.

Many fails to value what they already have in hand. They always see that the pasture across the river is greener.

Many others discount the advise of their own God given faculties. They put greater trust to values from second opinions.

A lot of us are proud to be of a crowd. A selected few sees crowd as none better than unthinking mob.

Our responsibility as a voter is not to waste the one and only vote that we have.

Kembara Politik said...

Salam Tuan Dal,

Seeems like your response to zaza (hi zaza) is applied to myself too. hehehe

I thought the pasture across the river is greener...hehe

The best part:

"Our responsibility as a voter is not to waste the one and only vote that we have."

In the near future...I will not! My mistake and (PAS tak boleh diharap).


Dal said...

Salam Tuan Kembara Politik;

Your comment here is already as good as a post by itself. You should have posted it in your blog where its numerous readership deserve such input … not in here … sunyi sepi macam kubur.

Anyway, much appreciated … thank you for dropping by and your kind words.

Tell you a secret … I find it a struggle to keep up to the expectations of that wily Mat Cendana and yours. But the challenge is most refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pakcik Dal,

Tumpang lalu sekejap.

Hi Kembara Politik. Nice to 'know' you. One of these days, I'll come to your blog....Yeah, you should post your comments here in your own blog would be good for others to read too.

Kembara Politik said...

Salam Pakcik Dal,

Tumpang lalu jap...nak jumpa zazaland jap ye.

Hi there...hehe..I'm too lazy to write a proper one. That's why I prefer quoting (cut & paste) from other sources. Easy. BTW, pls do not tiru perangai malas saya ye :P

BTW, you should write something in your blog too. Errr what happen to your blog anyway? Where is lady-zazaland blogspot? I tell you a secret, I'm stalking you! Heh!

Note: Seronok tengok discussion di Demi Negara. Tengok korang semua berhujah la. Hehehe. Long tu Tuan Dal ye?

Anonymous said...

Pakcik Dal, hello again, tumpang lalu lagi.

Hi there Kembara Politik. You're stalking me? silently? You ni adik beradik Jack the Reaper/Stalker ke?

My blog, does not exist anymore. I had to delete it due to some ......reasons. Nevertheless, I do have a new url address, it's, but I haven't written anything yet. Maybe one day, I'll write something, who knows .......

Glad that you like our discussions in DN, why don't you join in? The more the merrier ........I'm sure Pakcik Dal agrees with me...

I'll let Pakcik Dal tell you about Long .....

See you around, KP. (KP ni stands for KayPoh pun boleh ye).

Kembara Politik said...

Salam Tuan Dal,

Tumpang lalu lagi...


No more bullet left for me in Demi Negara. You all did a good job over there. Anyway, I'll drop by and say Hello and Hi someday. (That's the only word that I can say..the rest you all dah pulun..hehehe).

KP stands for KayPoh? Hehe.

Ok cya around!